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From: Roger Hill <>
Subject: Teichoscopy, Teichography, & co
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 22:16:14 -0500

Kibbitzing on another list with this word lately.

Greek has 'teikhos' = 'wall'.

So is 'teichscopy' a practice of engineers as they seek to know the
strength, structure, or imminence of collapse of a given wall?

Why, no; it's from TEIKHOSKOPIA, a 'viewing *from a wall', as Helen
did, at Priam's bidding, to identify her Greeks in the field as they
besieged Troy.

And nothing to stop a coinage here and now:
TEICHOGRAPHY, which I submit could serve to denote wall-writing,
from the OT's 'mene x 2' to your wall-specific graffiti.

There must have been many a TEICHOGRAPHER in old time prisons.

And the TEICHOLECT, of whom one might ask, "Read any good walls


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