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From: Bill Barnett <>
Subject: Re: Children of Joseph Barnett and Lucy Wade
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 14:50:17 -0700

> Dear Jase:
> The only other child I have of Joseph and Lucy is:
> Micajah Barnett born May 13, 1760 Goochland Co., VA. According to Janice
> Craft, who has been recently writing about this line in the Barnett
> newsletter, there are others though that she has identified. Have you written
> to her yet? I believe I asked for more info about this but have not checked
> all my mail yet to see if I have heard anything. She seems to have much more
> than is even in this book that I copied. The book goes back on this line
> directly to John Barnett Sr. born ? but settled in Jamestown in 1606-09. His
> wife was Katherine Farrar, daughter of Thomas and Katherine Perrin Farrar.
> Katherine Perrin's mother was Katherine Royall. Katherine Royall's parents
> were Joseph and Katherine Banks Royall. Joseph Royall was born in Canterbury,
> England in 1600, married 1645, died 1658. Katherine Banks died in Canterbury
> Oct. 10, 1686. Joseph Royall's father was Joseph Royall also and was born in
> England in 1550. His father was John Royall and was born 1524 and died in
> Canterbury in 1576. John Royall's father was named Roger Royall. He was born
> in 1493 and died in Canterbury in 1562. Roger's father was John Royall and
> was in Canterbury from 1467-1519.
> There is a will for Joseph Royall executed after his death on Oct. 10, 1686
> naming grandchildren: William, Henry, Elizabeth, and Sarah Randolph; Richard
> Dennis, Isham and Frances Eppes; Richard, Ann and Sarah Perrin; Maiden
> Maschell, Sarah Royall, and Katherine Farrar (who married John Barnett, Sr.).
> Katherine Farrar's grandfather was Col. William Farrar II and he married
> Cecily Jordan. John Barnett's will of 1755 Goochland Co., VA shows the
> following children:
> John born 1704, Thomas born 1709, Jesse born 1713, Richard born 1716, William
> born 1719, Edward born 1725, Joseph born 1727, Sarah born 1728, Mary born
> 1731, Farrar born 1733, Katherine born 1734.
> This book states that documentation for the dates of these folks came from
> Ms. Alta
> E. Bailie, 1600 Sherman Place, Long Beach, CA . No zip listed.
> An interesting note for us in the south is given in this book and I will
> quote:
> "It was during this early mid-seventeen hundreds that John Barnett, Sr.'s
> children became part of this migration to the West and South. Concrete
> evidence may be found of this movement in the 1782 U.S. Census of VA, and the
> 1790 Census of North and South Carolina. Many Barnett names are seen in the
> County west of Goochland in 1782. Some stayed near home as we will see.
> Others married and moved to North Carolina, with their families moving on to
> South Carolina, and eventually to Georgia and Alabama....
> This author then goes on to discuss the various children that he/she has
> records for and when discussing Joseph she states that he is of particular
> interest to the Barnetts of South Carolina and Alabama. She states that
> Joseph was born in 1727 and married Lucy Wade Oct. 3, 1754. Lucy also born in
> Goochland Co. in 1731. Then the only two sons are mentioned: Joseph (Joroyal)
> and Micajah. Joseph born Oct. 10, 1758. The book states there may have been
> other children but the author knows that these two children moved to
> Spartanburg Co., SC, and records are not complete. She states that the 1790
> census shows them as living in Spartanburg Co. but other records (not
> mentioned) have them living at a place near Padgett's Creek Baptist Church in
> Union Co. about 4 miles from Spartanburg Co. She states that Townsend's SC
> Baptist History lists other Barnetts in the church records. They include
> Elijah, Jean, John, Martha, Sarah, Richard, Nancy, and Patsey. She thinks
> some or all are children or grandchildren of Joseph. She thinks they could be
> related by a movement of Barnetts from Virginia or NC for which there are no
> records, except the 1790 census. She states that through Joseph Royall and
> Micajah that the Barnetts came to Alabama. The last sentence states that
> Joseph Barnett died Feb. 5, 1762 and is buried in Goochland Co., Va. As I
> told you previously I believe the front page is missing or I failed to copy
> it for the author of this work and will return to find it at the library. I
> apologize for not having it now. I am going to post this to the newsletter
> since it is such a long chronicle of Barnett info as it might help someone
> else looking. And since I am going to post it to the newsletter I will also
> plug my query again-my ancestor was Winney Barnett born about 1783 in NC and
> married Thomas D. Palmer born about 1786 and we believe him to be connected
> to the Union Co.(and/or Spartanburg) group of Palmers. They are found on the
> 1850 census of Marion Co., AL. Their children were Martin H. Palmer of Wayne
> Co. and Hardin Co., TN and William Barnett Palmer of Lamar Co., AL. I believe
> Winney to descend from this group of Barnetts but have yet to prove it.
> Good luck,
> Sabra Sudberry
> Jasper, AL
> new email as of Oct. 6:
James Barnett
Polly Barnett
John H.Barnett
Elizabeth Barnett
Levi Barnett are my ancestors who were on the DeKalb and Franklin
Counties censuses in 1850 and 1860. I do not know their parents.
They apparently moved to Tenn. ca.1860. James moved to Texas ca.

do you have information re: these? Thanks.

Bill Barnett, 1919 Barbara St., Tyler, Tx 75701.

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