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From: "Mike Boyd" <>
Subject: [BOYD] John Boyd of Newberry SC and Boyd, Sumter Co., Al
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 11:53:15 +1000

While doing another job I came across Issue 19 of Dean Road, Winter 1992-93 which gave an outline of his family. pages 1-3

For those members who have not kept their copy or those newer members how never saw it in the first place, the story outlined is:-


"A lovely sign marks the approach to BOYD, now only a wide spot at a crossroads with a filling station, general store and a few homes. The hamlet received its name from John Boyd (1776-1854) who came from Newberry, SC where his grandfather John Boyd of Ballymena, North Ireland settled in 1772.

John Boyd and his wife Jennet Dial (dau of Jeremiah Dial) had ten children. He realised that he needed more land to take care of them and so he moved westward. John made two trips on horseback to scout the area and finally found land (1818) in Greene County near Old Eirie. They had quite a wagon train totalling 20 wagons, 37 slaves and of course 10 children. Everyone who could, walked and finally they settled into their new home by the time the last and eleventh chid, Robert was born in 1823.

When John Boyd, was not busy farming, he rode all over the area looking for the good red soil he had left behind in South Carolina. He finally found it in Choctaw Territory. John bargained with Chief Tubbi and bought 15,000-20,000 acres. He paid for this land with six yokes of oxen, five cows and one bull calf. The Indians had the right to trespass, hunt and fish on any of this land that was situated between the Succarnoochee River and Sanusi Creek 'As long as the sun rose in the east and set in the west'. Chief Tubbi and his wife are buried on Jefferson Boyd land on the bank of the river. The spot is marked by tow wooden markers to this day.

When the territory became part of Alabama due to the Dancing Rabbit Treaty, the Boyd family had to buy the land again from the US Government. .. Each child was given land for a home when he or she moved from their parent's two story house located on a bluff over the Sanusi Creek.

The parent's house has since burned down but the spot is marked by a chain link fence. ...

In the article it goes onto say that John's parents were High Boyd (before 1754-5 March 1799, Newberry, SC) who married Mrs Jennett Muffit. Hugh's father is given as John Boyd (1730-1806) who married Mary Fenn (note this is different to the Mary Senn which has been recently posted and this conflict will need to be resolved - Mike Boyd comment).

John came with Hugh and other children from Belfast aboard the Earl of Donnegal, Duncan Ferguson in command. Arrived Hampton Roads, VA 7 June 1768 and subsequently moved to 96th District, SC. [from the map I have of the old Districts and Counties, Newberry is not part of the 96th district but what looks like Little River District to the NE and next to the 96th.]

[Mike Boyds QUESTIONS: What did this John Boyd do from landing in Hampton roads, VA in 1768 until he moved to Newberry in 1772? Has the shipping records for the Earl of Donnegal been found in VA records and can it say if Mary Fenn/Senn was with him and "what were the other children". Charles Boyd of Atlanta, GA said they were Hugh , Elizabeth, John and David. However this is a small family for the time.

After the grandson John Boyd scouted for land in Greene Co., AL it would be interesting to know how many of the Newberry Boyds (or Boyds from the other NW SC counties) followed him to Greene Co., AL. This might be one aspect that if you have Boyds from Greene Co., AL (or counties around it) that you might need to look at and to advise the group.]

The article then goes onto name three earlier generations:-

William Boyd born 1690 Kilmarnock, Scotland and died Ballymena, Ireland (I was recently told this was 1760) but no wife given. [With his son John being born in 1730 - this would suggest he was the 4-6th child born to William]

Williams father is given as Robert Boyd who was born in Kilmarnock - no dates or wife.

While Robert father is given as Robert Bruce Boyd born Kilmarnock but no dates.

If we assume that each of the last two were born 20- to 30 years after the their father, we would be looking at period of 1650-1630. This would put Robert Bruce as the possible child of James Boyd ninth Lord Boyd who is thought to have been born 1600 and died about 1654. However he only had one son - William and three daughters. To find any male links to the Kilmarnock family we would have to go back to Robert Boyd, Master of Boyd, son of the 6th Lord Boyd (who was born about 1569 and died in May 1597) He had 4 brothers whom were born in the 1570's so there is still quite a gap yet to find before this family might be linked to the Kilmarnock family.

So those US Cousins when you are travelling through Alabama go via Boyd, Sumter Co. and remember the John Boyd how founded this town.

In 1992, it would appear from the article that this family had an reunion at Boyd. One of those mentioned - Robert Calton Boyd I know died in 1997 and I will have to chase the other names to see they might be able to contribute to the building of this family.

In the article there was an photo of a two story (2 levels) house saying it was James Marion Boyd's house. This was younger brother to John Montgomery Boyd (1816-1880?).

Mike Boyd
Historical Committee, HBS
Brisbane, Aust

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