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Subject: [BRE] Questions about 250th Anniversary Zeigler/Ziegler MeetingHouse Little Swarta
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2007 20:15:27 -0400
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Can you tell me more about this ZEIGLER/ZIEGLER Meeting House? My ZEIGLER's
are from this area and wonder if you are talking about the same family? See
my web page at:

Do you have any photographs and an address? What is the status of this
meeting house? Is it still an active church? A private home or what? I
believe my Philip ZIEGLER 1734-1803 and wife Regina Requel 1730-1824 were
early members of the Little Swarta congregation.

Stan Follis, Family Historian

Genealogy web site:
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The Zeigler/Ziegler Meetinghouse located near Bethel, Pennsylvania, has a
large attic where the Brethren slept when congregating for a Love Feast.
This meetinghouse was one of the meetinghouses of the Little Swatara Creek
Congregation of Berks and Lebanon Counties. Visitors at the 250th
Anniversary Celebration of Little Swatara, held this past June, were treated

to a tour of the Ziegler Meetinghouse, complete with a venture through the
large attic.

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> Interesting! Sorry, I'm behind in my email, but do you happen to
> remember any particular church building/families with the large
> attics?
> --
> Pat
> On 10/1/07, Emmert F. Bittinger <> wrote:
>> Judy, I don't know if this has been mentioned, but many, many church
>> buildings had been constructed with large attics which also accommodated
>> overnight visitors from other congregations at the time of Love Feasts.
>> Transportation was tedious in the old days, and so the congregation would
>> supply over night facilities in the church attick as well as in their
>> homes.
>> Some attics were quite large, able to accommodate several dozen families.
>> Emmert Bittingher

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