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Subject: [BRE] Fw: Questions about 250th Anniversary Zeigler/Ziegler MeetingHouse Little Swarta
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> Stan,
> You might take a look at "The History of the Little Swatara Church of the
> Brethren," Masthof Press, 2007, 680 pages. Your Zeiglers were members of
> Little Swatara in 1770 when Morgan Edwards did a census of the "Baptists."
> The Ziegler Meeting House is located one mile north of Rehrersburg, Berks
> County, PA, on the west side of Airport Road. There are two wonderful
> photos of the meetinghouse on page 20 of the book. It is owned today by
> the Old River Brethren. The history of the Philip and Regina Requel
> Ziegler family is on pages 161-164. It was Philip (b1850) and Emanuel
> (b1854) Ziegler, of the fifth generation, who gave land in 1875 to the
> Little Swatara Church to build the Ziegler Meetinghouse. The meetinghouse
> was the largest of all the Little Swatara meetinghouses and was used for,
> among other things, the multi-day Love Feasts, with visitors sleeping in
> the large attic.
> Dwayne Wrightsman
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> Subject: Questions about 250th Anniversary Zeigler/Ziegler Meeting House
> Little Swarta
>> Dwight
>> Can you tell me more about this ZEIGLER/ZIEGLER Meeting House? My
>> are from this area and wonder if you are talking about the same family?
>> See
>> my web page at:
>> ml
>> Do you have any photographs and an address? What is the status of this
>> meeting house? Is it still an active church? A private home or what? I
>> believe my Philip ZIEGLER 1734-1803 and wife Regina Requel 1730-1824 were
>> early members of the Little Swarta congregation.
>> Stan Follis, Family Historian
>> Genealogy web site:
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>> The Zeigler/Ziegler Meetinghouse located near Bethel, Pennsylvania, has a
>> large attic where the Brethren slept when congregating for a Love Feast.
>> This meetinghouse was one of the meetinghouses of the Little Swatara
>> Creek
>> Congregation of Berks and Lebanon Counties. Visitors at the 250th
>> Anniversary Celebration of Little Swatara, held this past June, were
>> treated to a tour of the Ziegler Meetinghouse, complete with a venture
>> through the
>> large attic.

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