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From: "Lilly Martin" <>
Subject: J.L. Brower family of Montgomery Co Missouri
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 08:31:49 +0200

This updated report concerns the J. L. Brower family of Montgomery Co
Missouir, Mr. Brower was born 9-6-1817 in New York, and died 5-23-1876 in
Wellsville, Montgomery Co MO, and is buried there.
Best regards,
Lilly Martin
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From: Tazladyok
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Subject: Re: Brower families in Missouri

Thank you for all the information that you sent. Below I have added any
changes or further info in red. I hope this information will help.
Lee Ann

J. Brower was born about 1828 (6 Sep 1817) in NY and his gravestone is
listed as J.
L. Brower, but his descendants know him as Lyon Olonzo Brower. It might be
possible his true name was J. Lyon Olonzo Brower ?

J.L. Brower died in 1876 (23 May 1876) and is buried at Wellsville cemetery,
Montgomery Co, MO.

J. Lyon Olonzo Brower was born in New York, but from at least 1856 thru 1861
was in Michigan, then came into Illinois fron 1864 thu 1866, and finally
into Montgomery Co MO as of 1869.

In the 1870 census, Jacob Brower is listed at Danville, Montgomery Co MO,
with wife Sarah b. 1834 CT, and daughters Carrie and Sarah.
Also listed at the exact same location is, Robert Brower b. 1825 NY, married
to Henrietta age 43 b. NY, and their children are:
Emily 21 NY; Sanford 19 NY; Ozeas 16 NY; Robert 15 NY.

In the 1880 census, J. Lyon Olonzo Brower had previously died, so his widow
and children are listed at Upper Loutre, Montgomery Co MO.
Mariah Brower b. 1829 NY
Franklin Brower b. 1856 MI (full name is Benjamin Franklin Brower)
Mathew Brower b. 1858 MI
Amy Brower b. 1861 MI
Sarah L. Brower b. 1864 IL
Emery Brower b. 1866 IL (full name is Emery Milton Brower)
Lida E. Brower b. 1869 MO

According to Samanatha Brower, who's husband is a direct descendant of this
family, J. Lyon Olonzo Brower married Sarah ( Sarah Mariah VANSICE, b. 2 Dec
1828, New York. d. 7 Sep 1913, Missouri ) in Michigan. (11 Nov 1847) (Sarah
is his second wife.
First wife was Ascenath WILDER, b. 10 Jan 1817, New York, d. 9 May 1846, New
Jonathon and Ascenath had 2 children: 1) Loretta Ascenath BROWER, b. 26 Aug
1841, New York,
d. 12 Apr 1881, Missouri. 2) Lucinda BROWER, b. 26 May 1844, New York, d. 7
Feb 1845, New York.)
Emery Milton Brower b. 6-17-1866 MI, married Permelia Jane Clement (b. 10
Jan 1868, Missouri) he died (15 Feb 1942)
in Dallas Co., MO, but is buried in Montgomery Co MO.
The son of Emery M. Brower was William Harry Brower b. 8-30-1902 Wellsville,
Montgomery Co MO, he married Ruth McManamy, and both died about 1986 in
(Emery and Permelia other children: 1) Florence Jane BROWER b. 1891,
Missouri. 2) Mary Ellen BROWER b. 1893, Missouri.
3) Lyon Olonzo BROWER b. 1896, Missouri. 4) Bessie Lillie BROWER b. 1898,
Missouri. 5) Granville Milton BROWER b. 1900, Missouri. 6) Charles Henry
BROWER b. 1907, Missouri.)
In the 1900 census E. M. Brower b. 1866 IL or MO is listed at Danville,
Montgomery Co MO.
In the 1900 census Mathew Brower b. 1857 MI is listed at Upper Loutre,
Montgomery Co MO.
In the 1900 census Jacob Brower b. 1828 NY is listed at Danville, Montgomery
Co MO. It is not clear to me HOW this man relates to this family, if at

According to Lee Ann Tazladyok, who's husband is a descendant of this same
family line, J. L. Brower died in 1876 and is buried in Wellsville Cemetery.
His son Benjamin Franklin Brower b. 1856 MI (10 Mar 1856, died 1945),
marrried Malinda Roach (abt. 1886 ), she was
born ( Jun 1866 ) in Kansas ( d. 1915 ), he used the name of FRank Brower.
( Children of Frank & Malinda: 1) Annie BROWER b. Kansas. 2) Roy Franklin
BROWER info below. 3) Maud Ann BROWER b. abt 1896, Missouri. 4) Hilda BROWER
b. abt 1900, Oklahoma, d. 1988. )
The son of Frank and Malinda Brower was Roy Franklin Brower b. 5-10-1889 KS,
d. 1-24-1972 Oklahoma City, OK, married Myrtie Adele Awtrey 12-24-1916
Greenfield, OK, she was born about 1899 ( 16 Oct 1898 ) TX. ( d. 23 Apr 1989
in Oklahoma City, OK) In the 1920 census they are
listed at Lincoln, Blaine Co OK.
Their sons were: Leroy F. Brower b. about 1917 OK and Kenneth Brower b. 1920
( Roy Franklin & Myrtie children: 1) Rev. Leroy F. Brower b. 1 Dec 1917, OK.
d. Oct 1987, Oklahoma City, OK. 2) Kenneth A. Brower b. abt 1919, OK. 3)
Warren Grant BROWER b. 30 Sep 1921, Greenfield, OK. 4) Conrad J. BROWER b. 9
Oct 1924, OK. d. 4 Jan 2000, Wewoka, OK. 5) Vaughn Wayne BROWER b. 2 Sep
1931, Oklahoma City, OK. d. 24 May 2000 )

I have further information on Roy and Myrtie's children, such as some of the
spouses and their children, but some of them are still living. I will share
what I can of them if you are interested.

There is a posting online at family tree, which says this line
is Jonathan L. Brower (aka J. L. Brower), and he is the son of William
Brower b. 1792 NY. ( 24 Nov 1792 )
died 17 Jan 1872, Missouri. Married Loretta (last name unknown). She was b.
17 Aug 1796, New York and d. 13 May 1874, Missouri. Both are buried in
Meadville Cemetery in Meadville, Linn, Missouri.
Other children besides Jonathon are:
Amy A. BROWER b. 1818, New York
Cynthia Loretta BROWER b. 17 Dec 1827, New York. d. 7 Jun 1880, Missouri.
She married Jefferson WILDER, 13 Nov 1844, New York. He was born 8 Apr 1819,
New York.

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