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From: "Lilly" <>
Subject: Lawrence, Henry and George Campbell clans.
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 16:07:33 +0300

I will now list the information I have, from various researchers, compiled by me, to present the 3 Campbell clans of Nelson and Amherst Co, Virginia.

Did Lawrence, George and Henry Campbell come to Virginia from a Scots homeland? That is what some believe. Some say they came from near Glascow, some say Perthshire. That needs to be studied.

Apparently, they all came into the area known as Amherst Co and Nelson Co.
They were certainly neighbors, and they all used similar names for children. Were they brothers? Cousins? We need to find out.

Has anyone looked at Ship passenger records to Virginia?

#1. George Campbell b. ???, Scotland?
d. 5-5-1777 Amherst Co VA, that date is the date his Will was probated.
The Will was written on 11-1-1776.
Spouse: Margaret. Her surname is unknown.
Some say she married John Henderson after George died, but then why do some researchers list her daughter, also named Margaret, also married to John Henderson? We need to determine, which Margaret Campbell married John Henderson, the Mother, or her Daughter?

The children named in the Will:
1. Elizabeth (b. 1752 Albemarle Co VA)
2. Archibald (b. 4-18-1754 Albemarle Co VA) (d. 7-20-1857 Greenbrier Co VA)
m. Mary Gregg 12-1-1785
m. Susannah Arnold 11-1-1786
m. Mary Hawk 8-21-1806
m. Sarah A. Cook 5-6-1844
3. George b. 1720 d. 2-7-1791
m. Catherine (Caty) Surname unknown.
4. Edley b. 1-5-1761 d. 3-10-1851
m. Mary "Polly" Elliott
m. Hannah 4-1-1811
m. Rachel Walker 6-12-1806 Wythe Co ??
5. Thomas b. 1762 d. ??
m. Elizabeth McPheaters
6. Margaret b. 1768 (some say it is she who married John Henderson?)
7. Ruth b. 1768
m. John De Priest 9-9-1791
**NOTE: Margaret and Ruth are TWINS. Do you have twins in your line???***
8. Catherine b. 1745 Albemarle
9. John b. 1748 Albemarle d. 1-25-1803 Greensville, VA.

Henry Campbell
b. 1706 Scotland
d. 1772, buried at Mint Dale, which is now called Bethel Place, Nelson Co VA.
In his Will, Lawrence Campbell was named executor.
Henry bought Mint Dale in 1765 from Lawrence and Henrietta Campbell.
Arrived in Amherst about 1761.
Spouse: Charity, surname unknown, but some say Catlett.
1. Ambrose b. 1740 Scotland d. 1811, will proved 1812. Rev War Vet.
m. Margaret, surname unknown.
Fought at Yorktown under Lafayette and Washington.
2. Joel b. 1745-8 d. 4-9-1832
m. Elizabeth Mills
Will dated 4-7-1832
3. Aaron b.??? d. ???
Descendants moved to Kentucky, then later to Missouri.
4. Rachel b. ?? d. ??
m. James Higgenbotham
5. Catherine b. ?? d. ??
m. Peter Cashwell
1820 census at Amherst Co VA.
6. John b. ?? d. ??
Lawrence Campbell
b. 1736 Scotland ??
d. 1813 Amherst Co VA
Will dated: ??? Will proven:???
spouse: Henrietta, surname unknown, some say Catlett?
1820 she is H. H. at Amherst Co census. Same page as Peter Cashwell and Cornelius, Samuel, and Catlett Campbell.
Lawrence was in Louisa and Orange Co VA
Lawrence was executor of the Will of Henry Campbell.
Lawrence is listed: 1800, 1810 census at Amherst Co.
Lawrence and Henrietta sold land to Henry and Charity Campbell 1765.
1. Francis, Sr. b. about 1755-60 d. 10-2-1823, Will dated 10-1-1823, Nelson Co.
Will recorder at Nelson Co 11-24-1823
spouse: Isabell Catlett
A. FRancis Joel Jr. b. 1780 d. >1860 census
m. Nancy Campbell 2-28-1806 Amherst Co records.
Francis is in the 1860 census at Massies Mill, Nelson Co VA
B. Joel b. 1790 d. ???
m. Nancy Coffey m. 9-8-1817 Nelson Co records, 10 kids.
C. Polly b. ?? d. ??
m. J. Gregory 12-21-1812 Nelson Co record
D. Rachel b. ?? d. ??
m. John Gregory 2-8-1813 Nelson Co VA

This concludes a report of the 3 main Campbell Clans in Nelson and Amherst Co, Virginia.
Please post additions and comments and corrections.
Best regards,
Lilly Martin

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