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From: "Mike Boyd" <>
Subject: Boyd of Albany, NY and formerly of Northern Ireland and/or Wigtonshire Scotland
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 18:15:56 +1000

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15 February 1999

Dear Group

The History of the Boyd family and descendants, with historical sketches of
the ancient family of Boyd's in Scotland from the year 1200, and those of
Ireland from the year 1680, with records of their descendants in Kent, New
Windsor, Middletown and Salem, N. Y., Boston, Mass., Northumberland County,
Pa., and sketches of those from the southern and western states from 1740
to 1912, By William P. Boyd,... Rochester, N. Y., John P. Smith printing
company, 1912, pp 421-444 it provides the outline of the family of John
Boyd (1725-1799) who married Ann Logan in 1757. He emigrated to Albany, NY
in the Spring of 1762 with his wife and 3 children and had a further 6
children in Albany. It said he became a prosperous merchant. (I am
uncertain if this means he had some wealth before arriving in the USA.).

W. P. Boyd said that John was born in the "North of Ireland of Scotch
parentage" however no record is currently shown in Ireland for a John born
in 1725. Although with Irish records that does not mean anything as the
records could have been destroyed, etc. Doug Brown of Michigan has raised
the question that he might have actually been born in Scotland and not
Ireland and along said he was born in Ireland. He was found six listings
for a John Boyd born in 1725 in Scotland however he think only three are
promising. These are:-

1. Stevenston, Ayr, Scotland: "Boyd, John son to Adam and Ann Millar
bap. 24 Jan 1725"

2. Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland: John Boyd, Angnes Thomson a S.
John born Aug. 18, baptized 22. wit James Cofser, George Ladlie

3. Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scotland: Thomas Boyd in Holmes, and Mary Millar
both their 1st marriages had their 3rd child born on Monday Nov 15 1725 and
bap. John on Thursday Nov 25 1725 by Mr. Paisley

Doug is uncertain what "Homes" is? Is it a suburb of Kilmarnock? Or an
area near Kilmarnock?

Doug thinks the third listing the more likely parents for this John.
Through the OPR and the IGI we have found a family of about 10 children to
this couple.

On page 421 W. P. Boyd writes that "Shortly after John Boyd emigrated from
Ireland, another family of Boyds came directly from Scotland to Albany, and
they found themselves to be own cousins. However, the distinction remains
of Scotch Boyd and Irish Boyds."

On page 443 he names this Boyd as a James Boyd who arrived in New York with
wife Jane in 1774. W. P. said they had ten sons born and educated in the
city of Albany. However from the book The Boyds of Albany: three
generations. By Joanna B. Newton. (Los Angeles? ) Newton, c1978. 136
p. 78-106430, it lists 10 children - 8 boys and 2 girls - for this family.
This James's parents were John Boyd of Kirkowen, Scotland (thought to be
Kirkcowen, Wigtonshire - 9km or 6 miles west of Newtown Stewart) and Jane.

This James is shown as the oldest child. He was born 1742 (Kirkowen,
Scot.), d 1832 Albany, NY and married in 1774 Kirkowen to Jane MacMaster
(1751-1831) daughter of Patrick MacMaster and Grizel Adair, Mains of Park,
Wigontonshire. While I can't see the name Adair used for any of the
children or grandchildren listed, if you do have "Adair" as a second name
for an ancestor this perhaps might be your Boyd family.

There was only 3 other children listed born to John and Jane. The second
was John Boyd who emigrated in 1795 and died in 1803 at Lake Ontario
(uncertain if this is on the Canadian or US side); third was Marion Boyd
who died 1814 at Mull of Galloway and fourth Agnes Boyd who died 1820 also
at Mull of Galloway.

Kirkcowen is about 6 miles south of the Boyd family of Merton Hall, however
I have looked at this family but can't see any connection from the
information I currently hold an that family.

The other strange thing is that the first John of Kirkowen is said to have
died in 1800 in "Ayr". It does not say if this is the Town or the Shire.

The term "to be own cousins" might have different meanings. To me it means
that they would have two brothers as fathers and a common grandfather. I
am uncertain if in 1912 USA the term might have another meaning and I have
seen it, in some genealogical writing, to mean a wider cousin beyond first
cousins. Usually 3rd or 4th cousins or further cousins are referred to as
"kinsman" but not always. Is there someone who might be able to shed some
light on this dilemma, please?

For the last few days I have been going through the IGI to see if I can
find the parents to these children, especially the wife of this first John
of Kirkowen/Kirkcowen.

I have searched the Agnes Boyds from 1740 to 1760. I could not see any
Agnes born to a John Boyd with a wife Jane. I did find 2 entries whose
wives were Janet (I think I have seen Janet and Jane used to mean the same
thing at different times) Unfortunately neither came from Wigtonshire.

The first was Agnes Boyd Christened in 1753 to John and Janet Caldwell at
Ardrosson, Ayrshire. The only other entry I found was for the birth of a
John Boyd in about 1707 at Ardrossen, with spouse Janet Caldwell. Perhaps
the remainder of their children are in the second half of the 1994 IGI
which I have not yet copied.

The second entry was for Agnes Boyd born in 1744 to John Boyd and Janet
Cunningham at Falkirk, Stirlingshire. I was able to find 3 other entries
would appear to match. A John Boyd born about 1718 at Falkirk, spouse
Janet Cunningham and a John Boyd born 1746 to the same named parents at
Falkirk and a Margaret Boyd born in 1757.

While I also found a Agnes Boyd born in 1754 to a Alexander Boyd and Grizal
McCullock at Mary Port, Kirkmaiden, Wigtonshire. This is about 3km or 2
miles from the Mull of Galloway. Perhaps he might be a brother to John?

Is Joanna Newtown a member of this Group? Or is there a close relative of
Joanna who is a member of this group?

I would like to be able to find the link between these two Albany NY Boyd

I look forward to hearing from anyone who might be able to add their small
piece of this part of the Clan jig-saw.

Kind regards

Mike Boyd
HOBS 423


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