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From: "John M. Collins" <>
Subject: COLLINS in Tyrone & Belfast
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 20:35:07 -0400

Hi All Ulster Searchers:

I'm chasing a COLLINS from what is now Northern Ireland and wonder if you
have an entry or two that might match. Family is first found in Cookstown,
Tyrone in the 1780s, appearing there full-blown so to speak. No indication
of where they might have come from. They are of the merchant/professional
group and Irish Presbyterian in religion. James and John Collins, the two
#1 entries, are thought to have been brothers.

Any comments you can make on any of the following or suggestions on where
and how to connect with other lines, will be most welcome.

1. James Collins 1736-1806 surgeon at Cookstown. Buried Donaghendry Cem.
m. Jane _____ 1744-1826
2. Jane Collins 1783-1818
m.1808 John Weir of Stewartstown, Tyr. 1772-1850. Buried
Donaghendry Cem.
3. William Weir d.1814 child.
3. James Weir d. 1814 child.
2. Mary Collins 1785-1831 unm.

1. John Collins Sr. 1743-1811 merchant at Loy, Cookstown. Buried
Donaghendry Cem.
m. ?

2. James Collins 1765-1822 linen merchant in Cookstown, home was "RockLodge"
m.bef. 1795 Martha Clarke 1764-1830
3. John Collins 1796-aft 1860. Lived at Belfast in 1850-1860.
m. ?
4. James Collins ?? Living in Philadelphia, PA in late 1850s,
married and one child.
4. Elizabeth Collins 1853 _____ Savage ?? He abandoned her and
went to Australia with their child(ren) about 1858.
3. James Collins 1798-1849 IP minister at Minterburn, Tyr. Maria Davison 1811-1860
4. Elizabeth Collins 1833-aft 1881
m. James BSampson, merchant of Gravesend, Eng. 1814-aft 1884
5. Elizabeth Davison Sampson b.1854
5. Mary Sampson b.1856 - liv 1881
5. Eva Collins Sampson b. 1857 - liv 1881
5. James Sampson b.1859/60 - liv 1881 Ironmonger
5. Frederick Sampson b.1867; living at Kansas City, MO in 1887.
5. Theodosia Sampson b.1868/69 - liv 1881
5. Percy Sampson b.1870/71 - liv 1881
5. Ethel G. Sampson b.1874/75 - liv 1881
4. James Collins Jr. 1834-1887.
To Philadelphia in 1847, to Crockett, TX in 1854, Merchant.
m.1860 Harriet B. Stokes
5. Maria Harriet Collins 1861-1877
5. Eugenia Caroline Collins 1863-1876
5. Robert Lee Collins b.1866; m. and had one child and no
5. James (JAY) Stuart Collins 1872-1910, MD in TX, unm.
5. Douglas Stokes Collins 1878-1951; m. but no children.
5. Thomas Bell Collins 1880-aft.1920; marr; 3
children;descendants known
4. John Davison Collins 1836-aft.1887. To Philadelphia in 1850,
m.1857 Emma _____. No children known
m2?? Matilda Collins ** [see below]
Appeared as John & Matilda in 1887 message.
4. Joseph Clarke Collins 1838-1911, merchant at Belfast
m. Sarah Amelia Moore 1844-1912. Children & grchildren well
4. Jane Maria Collins 1839-1859 Belfast. unm.
4. Robert James? Collins b.1841. Emigrated to Crockett, TX in
1858 and was
a merchant's apprentice as of 1860. Disappeared.
4. Martha Collins b.1843; Mentioned in 1860; May have gone to
Eng to live with sister Elizabeth.
4. Anna Davison Collins 1845-aft.1890; poss. emig to Crockett,
TX ca. 1866 1868 William C. Otts;
They lived Crockett, TX 1870-1888, then moved to Topeka, KS.
5. Edna Otts 1869-aft.1890
5. William Otts Jr. Crockett, TX
4. Maria Collins 1847-aft.1890; poss. emig to Crockett, TX ca. 1866
m. Hugh Hilton; Lived Topeka, KS as of 1888-1890 at least.
5. William Hilton
3. Robert Collins 1800-1868 MD Physician at Dublin. Barbara Clarke 1790-1833, his first cousin
4. Jane Collins 1828/29-1831 Dublin
4. Joseph Clarke Collins 1831/32-1871 Eleanor Gerrard of Navan, Co. Meath
5. Robert Thomas Gerrard Collins 1864-1871
5. Thomas Gerrard Collins 1920; unm.
5. John Gerrard Collins 1867 -??
3. William Collins 1804-1868 merchant at Philadelphia, PA
m. Sarah _____
4. William Collins, mentioned in 1858 as in Philadelphia
4. Matilda (TILLIE) Collins, mentioned in 1858 as in Philadelphia
4. John Collins, mentioned in 1858 as in Philadelphia
4. James Collins, mentioned in 1858 as in Philadelphia
3. Clarke Collins 1808-1840 MD Physician at Belfast, unm.
3. Isabella Collins 1813/14-1848 unm Lived at Belfast.
3. Jane Collins ??-1855 unm Lived Belfast.

2. Robert Collins ca.1766-1799 merchant in Dublin
m.1787 Mary Morgan of Cookstown 1766/67-1830
Eight children, no grandchildren.

2. William Collins
Lived Freehold of Donaghey, Parish of Donaghendry, Co. Tyr. 1794 Teresa ______. She was living at Dublin in 1832.
3. Henry Collins 1795-ca.1832. "Late of Jamaica, West Indies" at
death. Unm
3. At least two other sons. Daughters??

2. John Collins Some sources say he was a surgeon in Cookstown
for a
while. His line is very poorly known. The following are
tidbits that may or may not be connected.
Thought to have 1794 Elizabeth Pillar of Charlemont, Tyr.
3. Thomas P. Collins b.1800 Cookstown - d.1869 Crockett, TX
m. twice to Adeline and Emma Bishop, sisters from nw Alabama;
One daughter Mary who marr 3 times, no children.
3. James P. Collins b.1809 Cookstown - d.1881 Crockett, TX
m. Amelia Vann 7 children known, 5 of whom married
3. John Collins MD b.1811 Cooktown - d.1890 Athens, TX
m. twice. Large family in Athens, TX, none known
3. Two or more sisters to the above three brothers who also came to

2. Joshua Collins 1775-1839 Attorney in Cookstown, Belfast & Dublin.
m.1802 Maria Magill of Cooktown
3. William Magill Collins ca1804 Cookstown-1880 Dublin area;
Solicitor in Belfast and Dublin.
m.between 1827 and 1836 Anne Lynn (Lynd) of Cookstown. While
seemingly all
their children are known by name, all but two, and their
are otherwise unknown.
4. Anna Teresa b.1837. Mentioned in 1862 will as unm. Missing
from a 1877
will that included her siblings.
4. Maria Collins Mentioned in 1877 will as unm.
4. Joshua Collins Under 21 yrs in 1862 will.
4. James Thompson Collins Solicitor with his father
until 1870.
4. William Collins 1846-1864 Belfast.
4. John Collins Mentioned in 1862 will as under 21
yrs. Missing
from 1877 will that included his siblings.
4. Frederick Henry Collins Didsbury, Manchester, Eng.
m. Dinah _____. No indication of children.
4. Mary Collins Was unm. in will of 1877.
4. Margaret Collins Was unm. in will of 1877.
4. Emily Collins Was unm. in will of 1877.
3. Eliza Collins Cookstown-d.1868 Kells, Co. Antrim unm.
3. Jane Collins Dublin-bef.1851. unm.
3. Margaret Collins 1809 Dublin-bef.1851 at Belfast. unm.
3. Isabella Collins Dublin-aft 1877 at Kells, Co. Antrim.
3. Robert Collins 1812/13 Cookstown or Dublin -1852 Belfast; MD Belfast
m.1835 Elizabeth Dunlop 1810-1898
4. Anna MARIA Collins b.ca1836-soon aft 1860 unm.
4. Joshua Durham Collins 1839-1927. Emigrated to Canada and
My family line. 9 Children. Descendants fully known.
4. Charles Collins 1841/42-aft 1854 died young
4. Robert Collins
4. Elizabeth Huddart Collins 1849-1881/87. unm.
3. _______ son Collins likely died young
3. John Collins 1815-1851 Solicitor at Clady and Belfast; unm.
3. Maria Collins Kells, Co. Antrim; unm.
3. Johua Wellington Collins 1818-1891; IP minister in Kilkenny and
m. Matilda Andrews of Dublin 1822/23-1869. In 1864 they and their 4
children emigrated to Canada. Descendants quite well known.
4. Maria Magill Collins b.1846
4. William Andrews Collins b.1847
4. Margaret Jane (META) Collins b. 1849
4. Joshua Wallace Collins b. 1852
3. Harriet Magill Collins Living at Kells, Co. Antrim in
1877. Hugh N. Wallace, Solicitor of Downpatrick, Belfast and
4. Mary Matilda (TILLIE) Wallace 1845-aft 1911
m. George Bellis, JP at Ballymena, Co. Antrim; Living 1928
5. Harriette Elizabeth Bellis, Mentioned in 1877 will.
5. Jane Arrott Bellis, Mentioned in 1877 will.

2. Isabella Collins ??-1819 unm. Died at Loy, Cooktown.

Any and all comments and queries welcomed.

John M. Collins, Sarnia, Ont., Canada

* *
* John M. Collins, *
* Sarnia, Ont., Canada >>> NEW <<< *
* *
* Looking for COLLINS in Cookstown, Co. Tyrone area in 1750-1850 period. *
* Also allied Ulster families of BELLIS, CLARKE, DAVISON, DUNLOP, LYND, *
* *
* Later locations: Belfast, Dublin, Ballymena Co. Antrim in Ire; Chile; *
* Peterborough, Toronto, Ont, Canada; Philadelphia, PA, Crockett, TX, USA. *
* Family was Irish Presbyterian in all occurances found. *
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