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Subject: Cottingham Information
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 13:57:18 EDT

Not sure where this came from but I found it in my notes and am passing it
on. Perhaps someone will have some clues from it.

Data compiled on the Mississippi Branch of the Cottingham Family. Also,
Alabama and Oklahoma.
1. Numerous letters from Mrs. Lizzie Cottingham of Crystal Springs, Miss.
Concerning the family. She had a list of all of Thomas Cottingam and Nancy Rowe
Cottingham's children. She had more information on some than others. These
are quotes from her letters.

"Rebecca Cottingham Cross was born in South Carolina in 1798, died Feb.
22, 1873. From her obituary a cousin had in Kilmichael , Miss. gives this.
("She moved to the state of Georgia, to Alabama and to Miss. She made her
profession of faith at the age of 23").
Note- this gives the migration of Thomas from SC. to Miss.
"Our great-grandmother, Nancy Rowe, the wife of Thomas is buried in the
Lockwood lot at Old Crystal Springs Cemetery, and uncle Turb is also buried there.
Would be good if we could begin from here and write down for our children and
grandchildren the next generations. It is an undertaking, but if someone had
done that for us we would not be so ignorant, and would have facts instead of
gleanings from here , there and yonder. Aunt Bet always said that our great
grandfather helped to hew the country, which was a wilderness, where Crystal
Springs now is, out of the wilderness."
Cousin Lizzie Cottingham died last year and I am the one who has been working
on trying to get the records of the Cottingham family from the immigrant
ancestor in order.

2. Letters from Evelyn Cottingham Broadwater, Route 1, Box 141, Jackson,
Miss. She has a copy of the Bible of William James Cottingham, her father from
which she got some of the information .
3. Letters from Mrs. Burney? Montgomery Lindsey , 3525 Cowan Place, Jackson,
Miss. 39216. She supplied most of the marriage dates from the Copiah County
records at Hazlehurst, Miss.
4. Records of deeds and land transfers found at the Copiah County Court
House, of the Cottingham family as early as 1824. Thomas was not listed on the
1820 census but was probably there by then.
5. Census records from Maryland, SC, Delaware and Miss. several different
counties in Miss.
6. Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi by Dunbar Rowland,
pages 1138 and 1139. This includes an article by Dr. Lockwood on the Cottingham
7. An article by Dr. Theodore Lockwood which was reprinted in the local
newspaper when Crystal Springs celebrated its 100th year. This article has been
used extensively as one of the most valuable sources of the early history of
Crystal Springs and Copiah County. More recent publications of Mrs. Dorothy
Alford in the Crystal Spring newspaper and Clarion -Ledger Jackson Daily News. Mrs.
Alford has written a book recently about the history of Crystal Springs. In
her book she says that it is an accepted fact that Elisha Lott and Thomas
Cottingham were the first two settlers of Crystal springs.
8. In 1970 I had Mrs. Lucille Miller, a certified Genealogist, and former
National Registrar of the Colonial Dames of the XVII Century to work on the
Cottingham Line. She sent me about 48 pages of letters and research from Maryland
and Delaware on the early immigrants.
9. She died in August of 1974. For the past year Mrs. Sue Farrand , who once
lived in Crystal Springs has done research on the family.
10. Mr. Matthew Wise of Salem, Va. Has been very generous in sharing his
material on the Cottingham family as he also had a Cottingham line.
11. Miss Ann Cottingham of Ada, Oklahoma, now deceased, has sent me a
book on her line of Cottinghams of SC and Bibb County, Alabama.
12. The latest correspondence that I have had concerning the family is
from the Texas branch of the family who left Miss. and went to San Antonio, TX.

References to the Authority for each statement of birth, marriage and death.

2nd Gen. Xerox copy of the photo of the Bible of John Houston McIntosh, now
in the possession of John Willard McIntosh. 319 Greenfield Dr. Glenville,
Ill. 60025 Bible gives birth of Alice Elizabeth Mcintosh Porter , birth,
marriage and death of John Houston McIntosh and Mary Catherine Cottingham McIntosh.

3rd Gen. Article of Mrs. James Lindsey, a descendant, written for the history
of My. Pleasant Methodist Church of Crystal Springs, Miss. about Francis
Mitchell Cottingham. 1850 census , Attala County, Miss. household #560 and #578,
of Francis Mitchell Cottingham. Copy of early Attala records of data compiled
by Mrs. Joyce Williams Sanders, Oct, 15, 1972. Page 11, marriage of Francis
Mitchell Cottingham and Elizabeth Thompson. (a lot of records burned in Attala
County. ) Tombstones in Old Crystal Springs Cemetery.

4th Gen.- Excerpts for records of Cottingham family compiled by Mary P. Goss
1968. Information from letters of Mrs. Lizzie Cottingham, Crystal Springs,
Miss. and records of Mrs. Burney Montgomery Lindsey. Book "Biographical and
Historical Memoirs of Miss. pages 1138 and 1139 by Goodspeed Publishing Co.
1830 census Copiah Co. Crystal Springs Precinct, Miss. lists Thomas
1850 Attala Co. Miss. #560 lists Francis Mitchell #579 lists Nancy
Cottingham as age 70 born in Md.
1880 census page #237 Copiah Co. Miss., Nancy Cottingham Lockwood (daughter
of Thomas Cottingham and Nancy Rowe Cottingham ) states that her father was
born in Delaware and her mother in

5th Gen. - Census records of 1790 Cheraws District , page 45 lists Turbet
Copy of deed of Thomas Cottingham. Book GG pages 212 and 213 of Marlboro
Co.. SC proves that Thomas was the son of Turbet and signed by his wife Nancy.
Four grants of land to Turbet Cottingham in SC, Dept. of Archives and History,
Colombia, SC, Deed of Daniel Gray, husband of Rebecca Cottingham Gray to John
Murdock her 1/8th of land left by Turbet.
Unusual name of Turbet carried down for several generations in the
Mississippi branch of the Cottingham family. Also the name Rebecca..

6th Gen. - Jonathan Cottingham was in Cheraws District, SC by 1778-79 as he
was called for a Petit Juror for the Cheraw District. Page 42 of book, "The
Jury Lists of South Carolina 1778-1779 compiled be Gelee Corley and Morn McKoy
Lindsey, Bicentennial Edition.. He bought land in Kent Co. Delaware. (Mispillion
and Murderkill Hundreds) between 1740 and 1769. On 13 Oct. 1772, Jonathan and
Lydia "Cottingame" (according to records, but Cottingham in signatures) sold
last of their land and migrated to SC by 1778 with their sons, and families.
Lydia Cottingham was head of a household in Marlboro Co. in 1800. From census
records Jonathan and Lydia's sons were: Thomas, Jonathan (will filed or
probated in both Marlboro and Marion Counties, Marlboro Co. Wills A: 140. He had
sons Jonathan, Charles, Thomas and daughter Lydia) Turbet, Charles, Dill and
Letter from Dover, Delaware concerning deed of Jonathan and Lydia.

7th Gen. - Copy of Will of Jonathan Cottingham naming wife Margaret, daughter
Mary Nicholson and Sarah Laws, sons Jonathan, William, Daniel, Elisha and
Thomas. Copies of Grants of land to Jonathan Cottingham in Delaware.

8th Gen.- Copy of Judicial Record, from original sent to me by Maryland Hall
of Records, Dec. 9, 1974. This record proves that Jonathan was the youngest
son of Thomas Cottingham and Mary Dixon. From the book "Old Somerset the
Eastern Shore of Maryland by Clayton Torrence.
Note- (Mrs. Irvin Miller said she would accept Jonathan as one of the sons of
Thomas and Mary when she saw the above Judicial Record. I did not receive a
copy until after her death. )

Quite a few records I am sending were sent to me by Mrs. Lucille Mill Miller,
former Registrar of the Colonial Dames of the XVII Century. She worked on
this Cottingham line from May 20 , 1970 until her death in August. In fact she
had made a trip to Dover, Delaware and had a report of two pages that her
daughter sent to me after her death. She sent me the grants of Jonathan Cottingham
which she found on her last trip to Dover and all of her notes.

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