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Subject: [DELAWARE] Taxables in New Castle constablery in 1683
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Scharf, Thomas J., History of Delaware, 1609-1888. 

Out of a list of 108 taxables in New Castle constablery in 1683, 43 were
owners of land outside of the town.(15*) Of these, the largest were
Peter ALRICHS and Captain MARKHAM, each of whom had 1000 acres. The
estate of the former was on the Christina and Delaware north of Croine
[Crane] Hook; that of Captain Markham was north and west of New Castle.
Charles RUMSEY and John WATKINS had 640 acres each on the Christina
between Swart Nutter Island (now Nonsuch) and Fern Hook, opposite
Wilmington; John William NEERING, 500 acres; John OGLE, 400 acres; Mary
BLOCK, widow of Hans Block, 350 acres above New Castle; John MOLL, 300
acres near Swanwyck; John DARBY, 300 acres (Swart Nutter Island); Thomas
SPRY, physician and attorney, 300 acres; William HAIGH, a number of
Penn’s Council, 400 acres; John JACQUET, son of Jean Paul Jacquet, 280
acres on Long Hook; Edmund CANTWELL, high sheriff, 100 acres; Arnoldus
DE LAGRANGE, 300 acres. Fifteen of the land-owners also owned lots in
the town of New Castle, and William PENN also held one lot there. Among
the lot-owners were John MOLL, Arnoldus DE LAGANGE, John CONN and
Johannes DE HAES, magistrates; Wm. WELCH, who subsequently succeeded
John MOLL on the bench; Ephraim HERMAN, ex-clerk of court; Dominie
TESSEMAKER, the preacher; Emelius DE RINGH, former reader in the church
and schoolmaster; and Dr. Gerardus WESSELS.

(15*) This was prior to the division into hundreds.

North Christina Creek constablery had sixty-five taxables. Of these,
John OGLE and Valentine HOLLINGSWORTH (16*) each owned 1000 acres;
Morgan DRUITT [Druet] 500 acres, in the "Bought" on the Delaware River;
Thomas WOLLESTON, deputy sheriff from 1673 to 1679, 370 acres, on White
Clay Creek and 100 on Mill Creek; Conrad CONSTANTINE, 560 acres, on
which Newport was located; Jacob VANDEVER, 500 acres, on Brandywine
Creek, opposite Wilmington; John NOMMMERS (originally Johan Ommerson),
in Mill Creek Hundred, on White Clay Creek, three-quarters of a mile
above its mouth; John CARR, 500 acres, on White Clay Creek in Mill Creek
Hundred; Arnoldus DE LAGRANGE, 1150 acres, of which a portion was in
Christiana Hundred, where he resided; Broer SINNEXSEN, 770 acres, 400 of
which adjoined the estate of De Lagrange, in Christiana Hundred, where
he lived; Abraham MANN, 570 acres on Bread and Cheese Island and west of
Red Clay Creek, where he resided (he was justice of the peace two years,
and was chosen sheriff in 1683); John MOLL, president of the court from
1672 to 1683, 210 acres, in Mill Creek Hundred, above Bread and Cheese
Island; Joseph BORNE [Bonde?], 350 acres adjoining Moll’s.

(16*) Valentine Hollingsworth came to this country prior to the arrival
of William Penn and returned to Ireland soon after 1685. His three
sons, Valentine, Henry and Thomas, came over in the "Welcome" in 1682
and in 1687, and subsequently owned large tracts in Brandywine Hundred.
Henry represented New Castle in the General Assembly in 1695 and filled
other offices of importance in Pennsylvania. He was the founder of the
family in Delaware and Maryland.

In the constablery on the north side of Duck Creek there were
forty-seven taxables, of whom Henry WILLIAMS, magistrate, owned 400
acres; Ephraim HERMAN, 1200 acres; Peter BAYARD, 600 acres and also
Bombay Hook; Captain Edward CANTWELL, 4285 acres, a portion of which was
at Cantwell’s Bridge (now Odessa) where he lived; Morris LISTON, 750
acres at a place still known as Liston’s Point.

The constablery from St. George’s Creek to the north side of
Oppequenomen [Appoquinimink] had fifty taxables. Among them Casparus
HERMAN, 400 acres; Henry WILLIAMS, magistrate, 250 acres; Gerret OTTS
magistrate, 452 acres; Peter ALRICHS, 400 acres, at St. Augustine’s
Landing; Gabriel RAPPE, 1000 acres, Henry VANDEBURG, 1000 acres.

Following is a list of taxables in the constablery of New Castle in 1687:

John Gibbs,Jacob Clawson,
Jacob Jacquet,Robert Hutchinson,
Peter Jacquet,Abraham Haym,
John White,Widdow Simmons,
Adam Hays,James Williamson Spry,
Mathias Lawson,Mary Blocq,
Edward Land,Daniel Smith,
Isaac Stover,John Lemington,
Hendrick Anderson,Hendrick Williams,
Dorcas Land,John Gorsok,
James Walliam,Charles Rumsey,
Hendrick Evertson,John Biscus,
Pawoll Lawson,Lybion Johnson,
Josyne Hamilton,John Richardson,
John Sybrance,Richard Hallywell [Halliwell]
Arnoldus De Lagrange,Widow Priestnor,
John Williams,Urian Bowson,
James Halleday,John Bower,
Johannus de Haes,Mathias de Ringh,
Jacob Corneliesen,Mathias Vanderheyden,
Dominic Testemaker,John Hales,
Hendrick Vanderburgh,Englebert Lott,
Thomas Longshan,John Hormensen,
Sarah Welsh,Leonard the Glazier,
Ephraim Horman,John Cann,
John Burgrond,Emelius de Ring,
Garrett Johnson,Simon and John Cock,
Isaac Tine,Widow Moody,
Thomas De Witt Claes,Edward Boulton,
John Smith,Anderson Rand Hauke,
Robert Dyer,Claes Daniell,
Ambrose Baker,Edward Blake,
Moses De Gam,John Dan Hysbert,
Justa Anderson,John Forat,
Laurenesich Otto,John Hendrickson,
John Moll,Peter Goodin,
Peter Alrichs,Reyner Vandercoelen,
John Darby,Antony Bryant,
William Markham,Matt. Ereckson,
Matt. Coulson,James Bradshaw,
James Claypoole,William Chambers,
Zachariah Vanderscoolen,Joseph Clayton,
Widow Moorey,Richard Noble.

Taxables on the north side of Brandywine Creek:

Jacob Vanderveer,Cornelius Vandeveer,
Mouns Justy [Justis/Justison],Cornelius Empson,
Jonas Scogging,Hans Peterssen,
Jacob Clemens [Clements(on)],Peter Anderssen,
John Mouns [Mounce/Mounson]Peter Mouns,
Thomas Jones, — – Stoffell,
Neils Neilson,Peter Bainton,
Morgan Druitt [Druet],Mathew Sanders,
Thomas Golping,John Grubb,
William Stockdale,John Buckley,
Oliver Cope,John Crow,
William Cloud,Jeremiah Cloud,
Edward Eglington,Isaac Warner,
Valentine Hollingsworth,Henry Hollingsworth,
Thomas Conway,William Lester,
Adam Sharpley,Thomas Clifton,
William Hanley,Richard Beachem [Beeson]

Taxables on the north side of Christiana Creek:

William Guest,William Gossop [Gosset],
Christopher White,Wollaston Thomas,
Aron Johnson,Israel Helm,
Broer Sinnexsen,Christian Virionsen [Vronson],
Guysbert Walraven,Arnoldus Lagrange,
Charles Pickering,Benjamin Stidham,
Jacob Hendrickson,Mathias De Voos [Devos/Divos],
Sam’l Peterson,Christian Stallcop,
Robert Robinson,Richard Robinson,
Erasmus Stidham,Lucas Stidham,
William Gregg,John Gregg,
Henry ffourins [Forency?],Joseph Cookson,
Jonas Arskin,Andrew Tilly,
Elizabeth Ogle,Hugh Maeslander,
James Claypoole,John Brewster,
Johan Ommerson,James Reed,
Henry Dull,John Alloway,
Thomas Longshaw,Bryan McDowall,
Giles Barrett,Thomas Pierson,
John Smith,Thomas Wollaston,
Joseph Barnes,Henry, Paul and Jacob Garretson,
William Rakestraw,John Cann,
Abraham Mann,William Mann,
Andrew Stallcop,Thomas Gillet,
Neiles Lawson,Thomas Grand,
Henry Jacobson,George Hogg, Sr.,
Thomas Mathews,John Callott, [Collett]
George Hogg, jr.,William and John Rawlings,
Zachariah Patrick,Francis Smith, Sr. & Jr.,
Anthony Burgis,David Sharpley,
Oliver Taylor,Nathaniel Cantwell,
James Standfield,John Bradshaw,
William Osborn,John Couch,
John Huns [Hans?],Peter Stalcop,
Philip Davis,Nicholas Daniel,
Thomas Green & Company,John McCoombs
William Stockdale,Simon Cock,
George Haveland.

Taxables on north side of St. George’s Creek:

Hendrick Vandenburg,Peter Wollaston,
John Moll,Hans Hanson,
John Darby,Mathias Vanderhayden,
John Hayley,Jacob Young
(in all only 5200 acres).

Taxables on the north side of Oppoquenomen [Appoquinimink]:

Roelof Anderson,George Baker,
Alexander Cammel [Canmill?],Ephraim Hermon,
Johannes de Haes,Robert Hutchinson,
Adam Peterson,John Boulton,
John and Ryly Webster,Nicholas Dallet,
James Brookes,John Walker,
William Phillips,William Burrows,
Richard Hamlett,Hans Hanson,
Richard Haddon,Otto Otto,
John Otto,Hendrick Vandenburgh,
Thomas Salloway,Peter Johnson,
Edmund Perkins,Edward Green, Sr.,
Gabriell Rappe,Peter Andries,
ffrancis Richardson,Richard Noble,
Widdow Anderson,Hendrick Walraven,
John Hayly,Hybert Laurence,
Casparus Herman,Samuel Ridding,
John Cole,John Lawrie,
William Grant,Edmund Lindsay,
Thomas Lans [Land/Lands?],John Simes [Sinex?],
Amos Nicholls,John Willson,
Ellis Humphreys,Peter Alrichs,
Jacob Decon,Robert Ashton,
Doctor Staples,Edward Gibbs,
Hendrick Vandenburgh,Cornelius Empson,
John Pearson,William Scarsse,
Daniel Smith.

Taxables of north side of "Duck Creek Hundred":

Richard Halliwell,John Mackarty,
Robert Moreton,Justa Anderson,
William Grant,Henricus Williams,
Basilia Osborn,Robert Money,
James Sickes,Walter Smith,
Lucas Michall,John Hartop’s children,
Thomas Snelling,Isaack Weeldon,
Andrew Westingdale,Thomas Golping [Gilpin?],
Benjamin Gumpley,Joseph Harris,
ffrancis Cook,Owen ffawks,
Morris Liston,Ephraim Hermann,
Joseph Hallman,Joseph Houlding,
John Taylor,George Taylor,
Andrew Loue,Thomas Harrison,
Richard Mitchell,Edward Gibbs,
Richard Quince,ffrancis Johnson,
Michall Offley,Sybrant Valk,
William Hatton,Antony Tomkins,
Edward Owen,Robert Courtney,
Thomas Harris,William Osborn,
Lewis Owen,Peter Bayard,
ffrancis Letts,John Harris,
Henry Bevins,Richard White.

(17*) At this time (1687) the territory of Hoere-Kil, or Whore Kill, was
very sparsely settled and was not districted.

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