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Subject: Frustrated, Disappointed, Still Trying to Locate William Thrall, Sr. 1579 and William Thrall, Jr. 1605
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 15:11:09 EST

I joined the Dorset list in September of 1999 and have contributed and
received help and direction from others, but still have not accomplished my
objective, which is, to confirm definitively, that my ancestor came from
Dorsetshire. Details of my objective and results to date, since joining the
Dorset list, are as follows:
I'm trying to confirm recent LDS information that states William Thrall 1579
born in Slope Hills Netherbury, Dorsetshire and his son William Thrall born
in 1605. Prior LDS information only had reference to William Thrall 1605 and
showed him coming from Sandridge Parish, Hertfordshire. This is the same
information, my family and others, have carried for many years. We understand
that William Thrall 1605 sailed in the Mary and John in 1630 from Plymouth,
while originating in Weymouth. The passengers were primarily from Dorsetshire
and other west country areas. My Thrall was a quarryman and stone cutter,
which maybe more in keeping with Dorsetshire than Hertfordshire. The LDS were
able to supply the name of the submitter, stating Netherbury, Dorsetshire,
but could not provide any address information and so I am trying to confirm
the submitters findings. Any information and direction to other sources in
helping me to resolve these matters would be greatly appreciated.
Search results, to date:
Society of Genealogists catalog, inquiries and name searches, were of no help.
Name search by Rob Wilkins gave it a good try, but no luck.
Jim Polson suggested Bishop's transcripts and I worked with local LDS Family
History Center on this and other areas, with no results.
Dorset County Council archivist just advised their search of Netherbury
christening register and burials were to no avail, also they had checked
Netherbury marriages, to no avail.
Jerry Willmott provided helpful direction.
Last chance, yet to be explored, that I know of, is the Dorset marriage
index, which will be checked when Mr. Andrew is available.
Once again, I respectfully request any and all help that list members may be
able to supply.
Jim Thrall, down home in Indiana at:

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