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Hi Bob,

Below are the earliest Dunn names I've found in Old Rappahannock VA(later became Northumberland, Richmond and Essex counties), Northumberland, Richmond and Essex VA. The William Dunn in Richmond Co VA (father of Newman Dunn 1714 Richmond Co VA - 1761 Craven NC) I believe to be my Dunn ancestor. I suspect Walter Dunn of Northumberland VA to be either his father or uncle (Newman named a son "Walter"). The Thomas and William line that is in Essex VA I suspect to be the ancestors of the Thomas, Benjamin, Richard and Joel Dunn line in Wayne, Johnston, Dobbs NC 1780s and later. The DNA matches indicate these to be the same Dunn line, connecting somewhere in VA or prior.

The notes below may be more details than you want, so you might want to copy and paste them into a document to review before printing them out.



2 Mar 1669 Thomas Dunn and Elizabeth Hackley witness Thomas Goldman deed from William Cleaton/Clayton

4 Apr 1688 Court ref. between Edward Thomas and William Dunn cont'd next court.

1689 Feb 26 Isaac Dunn and Dennis Murphrey (Murfrey) wit. Adam Woffendall to William Marshall 30a adj William Browne, Mr. Slaughter

18Sep 1691 William Dunn of Co of Rappahannock planter sells Richard Talor 50a in Rapp for 1000 lbs tobacco (etc.)

Registry of North Farnham Parish (Old Rappahannock, later Richmond Co VA)
Elizabeth Dunn 2 Apr 1711 dtr of William dn Ann Dunn
Newman Dunn 18 Nov 1714 son of William and Ann Dunn
Ann Dunn 15 Nov 1716 dtr of William and Ann Dunn
Patrick Dunn 13 Apr 1719
John Dunn 3 Jul 1719


1709 Mar 3 Thomas Cooper inventory by Benjamin Fisher, William Dunn, Richard Taylor, Elizabeth Cooper execx.

1731 Feb 5 William Dunn will Essex VA wife Alice, 3 youngest sons John Dunn, Benjamin Dunn and Jonathan Dunn (gives them 600a in Caroline VA on Mattaponie R including 100a he had given to John Williamson, his son in law), older sons Thomas, William; dtr Susan Smith, youngest children Alica Hays, Sarah Williamson, John, Benjamin, Jonathan and Anne Dunn; witness William Gatewood, Henry Bougham, proven at Tappahannock, Exxex County; bond posted by wife Alice, William and Thomas Dunn, William Gray, Samuel Clayton.

William Dunn 1738 hired by William Williams as his attny, wit by Sm Tyler, Thos Dunn, Benjamin Dunn
Other names appearing in Essex VA:
Joseph Dunn 1733 (bought old sword from estate of Edmund Bagge)
Charles Dunn 1735 (might be Dean)
Dennis Dunn 1732
Waters Dunn 1740s
William Dunn 1791-1740s numerous incl Sr and Jr

1743 Will of Nathaniel Newbill S. Farnham Parish lists dtrs Mary Covington, Elizabeth Dunn, Barbary Dunn and others.

Passenger Arrivals in VA index: location not stated in index (some are on multiple pages)

Thomas Dunn 1658 1218.5 p88; 1219.4 p404
Thomas Dunn 1620 1219.4 p54
Thomas Dunn 1721 1217.3 p47, 1220.11 p246
Thomas Dunn 1721 (Rappahannock) 1229.10 p10
William Dunn 1716 VA or Jamaica 1640.9 p45
Thomas Dunn 1664 6212.30 p11
Thomas Dunn 1654-1663 2899.10 p52
William Dunn 1716 1639 p43
Joseph Dunn 1667 6221 p23
Francis Dunn 1675 6221 p169
Peter Dunn 1624 1219.4 p42
Richard Dunn 1673 6221 p138
Thomas Dunn 1686 6221 p297


1652 Mar 10 John Hull 400a for transport of these persons to colony:
Samuel Dunn

1652 Sep 20 (Order Book #2 Northumberland Co VA) Mr. Colelough (George Colclough)100a due for the transp of the following, his cert. of land:
Thomas Brunton
Walter Donne (Walter Dunn)

1660 Apr 20 Bartholomew Yeomon age 13 servant to Andrew Cochran and Walter Dunn til 21

1663 Oct 20 Walter Dunn made his right appear. To 150a of land for transportation of three persons into this colony - Bartholomew Yeoman, Francis Hill, Charity Hayter/Hayler

1671 Dec 20 Walter Dunn gives a heifer to Mary Cornish, dtr of William Cornish

1675 Jan 19 Jeremiah Thomas servant to Walter Dunn adjudge to be 17 years of age and ordered to serve said Mr. according to act

1677 Apr 18 George Hancock 14 to serve Walter Dunne

1678 Nov 21 Northumberland Co is debited: to Walter Dunn for a man pressed, 40 lb tobacco (one on a list of possibly tax credits)

1679-80 Feb 18 Thomas Mather 300a for transporting Robert Dunn and others.

1680 Oct 20 Walter Dunn acknowledges Mr. John Farnehold has fully satisfied him for his wife's portion.

1683 Jul 18 Walter Dunn, Daniel Neale, John Graham and Richard Lamprey to appraise estate of Thomas Salder dec'd.

1686 Jul 21 Whereas it appears to this court by the oaths of Thomas Barnes and Charles Moorehead that Elizabeth Large did sing, and acknowledge herself to be the author of a scandalous song or (of?) Libel, much touching the reputation and credit of Walter Dunne and Mary (Mary Dunn) his wife, ordered that Elizabeth Large in open court on her knees acknowledge her said fault the said Walter and beg pardon of the same. And also that the sheriff take her intro safe custody and give her fifteen stripes on her bare back.

1687 May 18 Richard Ayrre, servant to Walter Dunn has absented himself from his sd master serve ye term of 24 days and whereas said dunn has been at the cost of 770 lbs tob for said servant (servant must serve add'l year).

1691 Dec 16 Francis Dunn servant to Thomas Knight 12yo

1692 May 19 Walter Dunn, John Graham, Joseph Hoult (Holt?), and Richard Nutt to appraise estate of Nicholas Kingwell, to meet at house of William Simpson who married relict of Kingwell (my note: Elizabeth Nutt married Alexander Newman).

1697 Jul 25 John Dalton servant to Walter Dunne at least 19 (give, has another indenture w/another ship)

1697 Sep 16 Whereas Walter Dunn was arrested at the suit of Richard Hayne assignee of Mr. John Turberville for 400lbs tobacco and has failed to appear to answer, order is therefore granted.

1699 Apr 19 court Walter Dunn's will proved motion M's Elizabeth Newman exec'x probate granted her of last will and test of Walter Dunn dec'd proved oaths of John Dalton and Jonathan Dabinett, recorded.

1699 Apr 21 John Graham by his attorneys Richard Smith and Thomas Dobson confesseth judgment to M's Elizabeth Newman exec'x of Walter Dunn dec'd for payment of 500 lbs tobacco due dec'd estate, ordered to pay her.

1699 Apr 21 others ordered to pay Walter Dunn estate in cours:
John Farnefold 500lbs tob
Thomas Harle 400lbs
Richard Smith 600lbs
Bartholl Shepherd 800lb
George Dawkins 400lbs
John Cockrell 480lbs
Jonathan Edwards 360lbs
(17 others in same court one after the other)

1699 Apr Thomas Hobson agent M's Elizabeth Newman execx of Walter Dunn dec'd, whereas M's Elizabeth Newman was arrested at the suite (suit) of Richard Bannister for 1000lbs tob and hath failed of her appearance to answer said suite order granted Bannister's agent Capt Rodham Kenner, sheriff for said sum (other suites against estate - Jon Dabinett, James Rogers agent Capt William Jones)

1699 Jul 21 M's Elizabeth Newman (my note: widow of Capt Alexander Newman dec'd c1699) ordered to pay 350lbs tob of 100 lbs balance owed Richard Bannister, dated 28 May 1698, out of estate of Walter Dunn.

1699 Jul 22 John Cockrell agent M's Elizabeth Newman exec'x of Walter Dunn dec'd cont'd.

1699 Jul 22 William Murrow cont'd (against Elizabeth Newman exec'x Walter Dunn dec'd) and dozens of other suites/debt claims back and forth against/for estate.

1702 Sep 16 Carroll Dunn servant to John Cralle ran away, adds 75 days

1705 May 17 John Tarpley gentleman and Elizabeth his wife, exec'x of Walter Dunn dec'd agent Alexander Mulraine, dismt. (dismissed?)

1706 Aug 21 Ann Gadd servant to Thomas Miller had bastard child by Carroll Dunn, she to be taken to court for punishment


Births baptisms Parish North Farnham Register
Elizabeth Dunn dtr of Wm & Anne Dunn 2 Apr 1711
Newman Dunn son of Wm & Anne Dunn 18 Nov 1714
Ann Dunn dtr of Wm & Anne Dunn 15 Nov 1716
Patrick Dun (Patrick Dunn) 13 Apr 1719
John Dun (John Dunn) 3 Jul 1719
Robert Dun (Robert Dunn) 12 Jul 1726
Katherine Dun dtr of Peter and Rebecca Dun 11 Sep 1730

Records of North Farnham Parish Register
Patrick Dunn departed this life 13 Apr 1719
John Dunn departed this life 3 Jul 1719

1700 Jan 1 Richmond Co Thomas Newman of parish of Cittenburne and co of Richmond sells John Tarpley for 10000 lbs tobacco his interest in a parcel given by Capt Alexander Newman in his will to me the said Thomas Newman and William Dunn, together the rights and profits and emlunts, recorded 20 Jan 1700, wit. Elias Wilson, Henry Wilson

1709 Jun 1 John Sherdon will, godson John Dunn, son of Patrick Dunn, two years schooling.

1712 William Dunn sells to John Tarpley 200a given to Wm Dunn by will of Capt Alex. Newman, Ann Dunn freely consents (numerous other William and Ann Dunn records)

1714 May 13 bond 200lg sterling Cary Carton adminr estate of Class Carton, dec'd, wit. Robert Jones, James Alderson, wigned Cary Carton, William Dunn, Henry Purkins (Perkins).

1719 Apr 21, recorded 5 Aug 1719 will of Patrick Dunn (Dune), wife, sons Robert Dunn and John Dunn, son in law Samuel Wathers, friends Thomas Nash Sr and Jr, Giles Webb, execx wife, wits Daniel Bentley, Thomas Nash, Edward Jones

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