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Subject: DeLoach's on Quilt
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 13:35:56 EST

Jackie & Gloria,

My grandfather was Zachary "Taylor" DeLoach,B. 1877 D. 1944,married Mary
Beulah Mitchell, not to be confused with Zachariah Taylor DeLoach B. 1844 D. 1933
who was his uncle, brother to John Calvin DeLoach II, B. 1826 D. 1926, my
ggrandfather whom married Sarah Zetterower. There was so many duplicate given
names that it is difficult to sort them out. Using time lines, this if what I
have worked out:
Mr. R.W. De Loach
Mrs. R.W. De Loach
Miss E.O. De Loach
R.W. DeLoach & his wife, I believe is ROBERT WILLIAM DeLOACH,
B. 3/25/1843 D. 3/4/1930 married Rebecca Frances Hodges B.2/9/1850
They had a daughter named Emma, B. 1871

Mr. Z.T.De Loach
Mrs. Z.T. De Loach
Miss M.M. De Loach
Mr. John De Loach
Miss Annie De Loach
ZACHARIAH TALOR DeLOACH B. 12/8/1844 D.2/16/1933 Married
America Ann Jane Williams B.2/2/1849 D.6/3/1939
Their middle children are the ones I believe signed the quilt as follows:
Mary DeLoach B. 1871
Annie DeLoach B. 1872
John DeLoach B. 1874
Both Robert William DeLoach & Zachariah Taylor DeLoach were sons
of John Calvin DeLoach & Ardelia Frier.
Gloria, your the Robert William of whom you speak is the brother to my
grandfather, Zachary Taylor DeLoach!
Just thought I'd share my findings!
Brookshire, Tx.

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