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From: "Michael Palmer" <>
Subject: Bremen ship ERNST MORITZ ARNDT
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 00:24:58 -800

On Sun, 28 Dec 1997, STARPIEP <> wrote:

> I was hoping if some one could tell me if there could have been two
> ships with the name Ernst Moritz Arndt. I have the passinger list of a
> ship by that name leaving Bremen and arriving in New Orleans on Jan 29,
> 1861. My Great Grandmother AUGUSTE DZENGOLEISKI and her parents were
> on it.
> I just read a posting by Ted Finch that said that ship was not built
> untill 1872 and was then renamed Habana. Could there have been another
> ship by that name?

According to contemporary New Orleans newspapers, the Bremen sailing ship
ERNST MORITZ ARNDT, [Ferdinand] Haesloop, master, arrived at New Orleans
on 28 January 1861, having sailed from Bremerhaven on 21 November 1860.
She had in fact set out for New Orleans a month earlier, on 23 October
1860, but according to an account in the _Wochenschrift f"ur Vegesack und
Umgegend_ for 31 October 1860, while on Dogger Bank, on 27 October 1860,
at 11 PM, she was broadsided by an unknown (but probably English)
steam-powered vessel, "wodurch dem ERNST MORITZ ARNDT Reeling,
Reelingsst"utzen, Schanzdeckel, Rusten, Fockraa etc. gebrochen wurde". The
vessel remained watertight, however, and she was towed back to Bremerhaven
by the steamer M"OVE, arriving on 27 October 1860.

The ERNST MORITZ ARNDT was a 3-masted, square-rigged ship, built by the
shipbuilding firm of Hermann Friedrich Ulrichs, Vegesack/F"ahr, for the
Bremen firm of F. & E. Delius, and launched on 23 October 1847. 273
Commerzlasten/670 tons register; 37,6 x 9,8 x 6 meters (length x breadth
x depth of hold).

The maiden voyage of the ERNST MORITZ ARNDT, under Capt. Albert Haake, was
plagued with difficulties. She set sail on 20 December 1847 for
Hartlepool, to load a cargo of coal for Cuba. She reached Hartlepool on
25 December 1847, but did not sail from that port until 4 February 1848.
Two weeks later, on 18 February 1848, she was damaged off Land's End,
Cornwall, and was forced to return to Southampton for repairs. She sailed
from Southampton on 15 April 1848, and reached Havana a month later. She
returned to Bremerhaven by way of Baltimore, which she reached on 31 July
1848 and left only at the end of October, on 1 December 1848, almost a
year after first setting out.

Albert Haake was succeeded as captain of the ERNST MORITZ ARNDT by L"uder
Rust (1853), Friedrich Harde (1854), L"uder Rust (1855), Friedrich Harde
(1857), and Ferdinand Haesloop, of Vegesack (1858), who commanded her on
her voyage to New Orleans in 1860/61. The vessel remained in the
possession of various firms owned by the Delius family until she was
"sold Norwegian" in 1864, and renamed RJUKAN. She remained in service
another 23 years until, in April 1887, under Capt. Andreasen (owners: O.
P. Moe & S"on, of Christiansand), bound from Newport, Wales, to Quebec,
she was abandoned at sea. The crew was saved and landed at Le Havre
[Peter-Michael Pawlik, _Von der Weser in die Welt; Die Geschichte der
Segelschiffe von Weser und Lesum und ihrer Bauwerften 1770 bis 1893_,
Schriften des Deutschen Schiffahrtsmuseums, Bd. 33 (Hamburg: Kabel, c1993),
p. 273].

No picture of the ERNST MORITZ ARNDT appears to survive. However, I am
sending you, by separate post, a black-and-white scan of a watercolor, by
Frederik martin S"orvig, 1862, of the ship LOUISIANA, slightly smaller
than the ERNST MORITZ ARNDT, and built by the same shipyard in 1846.

Finally, you might wish to contact Terri Strotman,
, whose Strotman ancestor sailed on the same
voyage to New Orleans.

Michael Palmer
Michael Palmer
Claremont, California

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