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Subject: Re: Lady Anne DE MOWBRAY
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> Please explain "infamous" Princes. I think I must have missed something.

Surely you know the controversy surrounding the Princes in the Tower?

Edward V and his brother Richard of York ...

After the alleged revelations that all of Edward IV's children by
Elizabeth Woodville Grey were bastards, due to a previous marriage or
plight troth with Lady Eleanor Butler, the king was "legally" deposed,
and replaced by his uncle King Richard III (who was not the next heir in
any case - this involved disinheriting the son of his dead brother George
Earl of Clarence who was attainted).

After the accession of Richard III, the princes were lodged in the Tower,
and after a time were never seen again by the public. Some say that
Richard had them killed to bolster his flawed claim to the throne.
Others put forward the idea that Henry VII had them killed. If the
princes were still alive, then Henry's marriage to Elizabeth of York, the
sister of the missing Princes, would have brought him no further claim to
the throne.

It's also possible that the boys escaped and were smuggled out, and that
there was some validity in the claim of the Flemish pretender Perkin
Warbeck. I think, however, that this is unlikely.

Two small skeletons were found in a blocked off room in the Tower which
are alleged to be those of the Princes. However, evidence is incomplete.

I think this makes them infamous, don't you?


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