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From: Barbara Petty <>
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Mr. Hines, You're welcome and lucky you in Honolulu! I'm afraid I gave all
the ancestors that were listed in that issue of NEXUS.

Sad to say I don't have the page at the end which lists the sources Roberts
used, that might refer to a genealogy on the Halls or Jeromes.

But in his write-up on the prior page he cites the Conklin Mann article in
1942 in The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, and that article
contained the entire then-known ancestry of Jennie Jerome. That article
apparently also connects Churchill in kinship with Franklin E. Roosevelt,
Gen. Douglas MacArthur (and in the October issue) with Vice President Henry
A. Wallace. "These ancestral charts were carefully prepared, although
undocumented." says Roberts.

Roberts then mentions major additions and corrections in his write-up. The
American Genealogist, [TAG]:22[1945-6]:94-97), identified Abigail, wife of
immigrant Timothy Jerome as Abigail (Green) Rich of Preston, Ct.

An authoritative tracing of Rebecca Hatch, wife of Capt. Nathaniel Berry,
Jr., of Kent, Ct., and sister of a great-great-grandmother of Ulysses S.
Grant (see Kerry William Bate, The Ebenezer Hanks Story [1982], pp. 156-158,
178-80, 103-104, 192-93, and TAG 51[1975]:231-40, 52[1976]:88-90).

The elimination of Churchill's supposed Mayflower lines to Francis Cooke, a
granddaughter of both of these last, married Daniel Wilcox of Portsmouth,
Rhode Island, but the mother of Daniel Wilcox, Jr., Churchill's ancestor,
was almost certainly the unknown first wife of Daniel, Sr,(see Register
87[1933]:73-74, and The Mayflower Quarterly 47[1981]:69.

He continues: "Among Jennie Jerome's ancestors were immigrant forebears, or
the parents of immigrant forebears, of many Americans, including most New
Englanders, bearing the surnames Jerome, Tuttle, Burt, Olds, Stowe, Wetmore,
Sumner, Nettleton, Griswold, Coe, Hawley, Atwater, Sayre, Merriman, Beach,
Phippen, Philbrick, Borden, Ripley, and Howland."

In next paragraph he mentions Jennie Jerome had a ggrandfather John Guthrie
(ca. 1700-1756) an immigrant from Scotland, and a ggg grandmother Meribah,
wife of Eleazur Smith of Dartmouth, Mass whose maiden name is unknown. Cited
Conklin Mann.

Michael J. Wood, co-author of this NEXUS article found the ancestry of Anna
Baker while researching American descendants of the Shermans of Dedham,
Essex (Eng?)in the Society's (N.E.? Eng? [try N.E. first]) library, a 1951
typescript by Bertha W. Clark on the descendants of Francis Baker of
Yarmouth, pp. 119-120, covered the family of Joseph 5 Baker, born Jamestown,
R.I. 12 Feb 1738/9, who m. Experience Martin in Swansea, Mass 4 Sep 1760.
Joseph and his brother William along with cousins George Sherman, Sr. and
Jr, migrated to Nova Scotia by 1762 (or earlier), living there 1770, but
later returned to New England and Joseph was in Ira, Vt. where he d. 15 Jun
1796. His son Joseph Jr. moved to Farmington, Ontario Co. NY abt 1800.,
adjacent to Macedon in Wayne Co., where Anna (Baker) Willcox is buried.

He says that Churchill was also noted as a distant kinsman of Taft and
Hoover among U.S. presidents in the previous article of "Notable Kin" so you
might look for that? Churchill was also a cousin of Sir. R.L. Borden among
Canadian prime ministers, and of the 5th Earl of Rosebery among British
prime ministers, via his descent from Philip Sherman, first Secretary of the
Rhode Island colony, and Henry Sherman of Dedham, Essex. I guess that about
does it for now. Sorry if this is of little interest to many readers and too
long. Roberts has a fascination with royalty and the famous and all the
interweavings with American families of Presidents, etc. I'm glad he is. I
just work on my humble ancestors and he connects them up with some
interesting folks.
Barb Petty

At 09:34 PM 9/22/96 -1000, you wrote:
>Barbara Petty wrote:
>> Here is another rendition of Jennie's ancestry from NEHGS NEXUS, Vol. V, No.
>> 3, June-July 1988, pp 94-96, "Notable Kin" by Gary Boyd Roberts and Michael
>> J. Wood:
>> Jennie Jerome; Leonard Walter Jerome & Clarissa Hall; Ambrose Hall <snip>
> Thank you kindly, Barbara. You are most kind and informative. These
>to be sources I can get my hands on here, in Honolulu.
> Would you happen to have the parents of Aurora Murray, Leonard
Jerome's mother?
>Also, the parents of Ambrose Hall, Clara Hall's father, would be most
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