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<<The candidates for Nancy Hanks' father are: James Hanks, Abraham
Hanks, Thomas Hanks or _____ Hanks. The grandmother might be Lucy Shipley,
Harper, Mary Berry, ____ Berry or Lucy Hanks. It would appear that the other
suggested in this thread are not credible. Henry Sutliff>>

Several private responses have asked for more information. I do have some. I
do not trust everything. The wills need to be verified and double checked. I
do not have time for that at the moment. I have spoken to Gary Lloyd Roberts
about this back in 1995-6. He always gets THE PLANTAGENET CONNECTION and he
will be revising his work again. He is interested in the outcome of the
Lincoln investigation, but I have dropped the ball, as I no longer have time
for ancestral research.

Nancy Shipley was Joseph Hanks' wife, but the probably mother of Nancy Hanks
Joseph's sister Lucy.

The 1995 article covered quite a bit of ground. Certainly there are errrors
anr much needs to be recehecked at the primary source level. I have had no
time since to do this, but these are some clues. I sell the original article,
so I cannot quote in entirety. There is much more than this.

__________________segment of article_____________

The Lincoln genealogy is masked in confusion and complicated arguments. Some
new information has been rescued from old wills and land records and has been
presented to The Plantagenet Connection. We have not had the time nor
resources to authenticate these records, but the logic and completeness of
this information seems worthy of publication. Other researchers may benefit
from the clues contained herein. Though we assume the information contained
herein is correct, we are not responsible for errors in research or
typographical mistakes.

The primary source for this information is the book From Log Cabins to the
White House: a History of the Taylor Family, by Mary Taylor Brewer. This book
was privately published and not well-circulated. As Mrs. Brewer died soon
after completing the book, and was never able to effectively circulate the
information, much of the content is unknown and unverified by professional
genealogists researching the Hanks and Lincoln lines. The information
contained herein was provided by James Trigg, 3622 Robin Rd., Nashville, TN.
37204-3825, a descendant of immigrant John Taylor. Mr. Trigg has a copy of one
of the seven hundred original copies of Mary Taylor Brewer’s book.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th U.S. President, b 12 Feb 1809, Mill Creek, Hardin Co
KY., d 15 Apr 1865, Washington D.C., m 4 Nov 1842 , Mary Todd, d/o Robert Todd
of Lexington, KY.

Children of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln:
1. Robert Lincoln, b 1843.
2. Edward Lincoln, b 1850, d young.
3. Wallace Lincoln b 1850

Abraham Lincoln’s brother’s and sisters were all born at Mill Creek, Hardin
Co., KY:
Sibling 1. Sarah Lincoln, b 10 Feb 1807, d 1828, m Aaron Grigsby of Spencer
County, IN. in 1826, two years before her early death.
Sibling 2. Thomas Lincoln, b 1811, d infant.

Abraham, Thomas and Sarah were children of:

1st Generation:
Thomas Lincoln = Nancy Hanks
Nancy Hanks, b 25 Mar 1780, d 5 Oct 1818 , m 12 Jun 1806 to Thomas Lincoln.
Nancy lived with her grandmother, “Nannie”, until she went back to Virginia to
live with her “aunt “ [quite possibly her real mother] Lucy Hanks Sparrow, m
1790 to Henry Sparrow. She lived with Lucy until 1795 when her aunt Elizabeth
married Henry’s brother, Thomas Sparrow, then she lived with Elizabeth and
Thomas until she was married to Thomas Lincoln in 1806. [Footnote1: The
Lincoln Family, History of Lee County, Virginia, Anne Wyche.]

Thomas Lincoln, b 5 Jan 1778, d 17 Jan 1851 near Janesville, at Coles Spring,
IL., married 12 Jun 1806 to Nancy Hanks, d 5 Oct 1818. Thomas m2, Sarah Bush
Johnson, b 13 Dec 1788, d 10 Dec 1869 near Janesville. IL. Sarah was the widow
of Daniel Johnson. Sarah and Thomas had no children of their own, but Sarah
raised Nancy Hanks' children and was a major influence in their lives.

Thomas Lincoln’s brothers and sisters were:
Sibling 1. Mordecai Lincoln, b 1771 d 1830, m Mary Mudd. The couple spent
many years in Hardin Co., KY, then moved to Hancock, IL. around 1827.
Sibling 2. Josiah Lincoln, b 1772. d Sep 1835, m Catherine Barlow. The
diary of Dr. William Smith, a neighbor who lived two miles from the Lincoln
family on Mill Creek says: “Josiah was more slender and not as clever as
Thomas. He lived most of his life in Hardin County with Squire Boone.” 2
Sibling 3. Mary Lincoln, b 1775, m 5 Aug 1801 to Ralph Crume, s/o Phillip
and Anne Crume of Nelson Co., KY. Mary was buried on the old family cemetery
on Mill Creek, Hardin CO., KY.
Sibling 4: Nancy Lincoln, b 25 Mar 1780, d 9 Oct 1815, m 12 Jan 1801 to
William Brumfield, b Mill Creek Cemetery, Hardin Co. KY. Diary of Dr. William
Smith: “I saw Nancy Lincoln very often and have been to her house. I call her
the star of the Lincolns. She was a woman of more than average mind and sense.
She was liked by her neighbors, went about a great deal, and was about
unafraid as a man. [These were the times of the Indian Wars, the American
Revolution, and the War of 1812.] None of the Lincolns were afraid, that I’m
aware of. Nancy lived here I suppose, most of her life and she had a pretty
good man in Bill Brumfield. They were helping neighbors with a lot of good fun
in them.”

2nd Generation: Maternal

Joseph Hanks, Jr. = Nancy Shipley
Lucy Hanks and _________,
a young plantation owner
near Alexandria, VA.

Lucy and Joseph Hanks were brother and sister.

Joseph Hanks, Jr., b 1764 is generally regarded the father of Nancy Hanks. In
his will, recorded at Nelson County, KY., he left his daughter Nancy Hanks “a
cow named Piedy.”

Lucy Hanks, b circa 1770, possibly had an illegitimate female child in 1783
with an Alexandria, VA. planter, m 1790 to Henry Sparrow. Pregnant Lucy was
whisked away by the family, who moved to the wilderness areas in Mineral
County, Virginia.

Joseph Hanks, Jr. and Lucy Hanks brothers and sisters were:

Sibling 1. Nancy Hanks, m Levi Hall.
Sibling 2. Polly Hanks.
Sibling 3. Charles Hanks.
Sibling 4. Thomas Hanks, b 1759, m 31 Mar 1791 to Nancy Hammock.
Sibling 5. Joshua Hanks.
Sibling 6. William Hanks.
Sibling 7. Elizabeth Hanks, b 1775 , m 1795 to Thomas Sparrow.

Joseph Jr., Lucy Hanks and siblings were children of:

3rd Generation: Maternal

Joseph Hanks, Sr. = Nancy Anna Lee

Joseph Hanks, Sr., b 21 Dec 1725, North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA., d
1793, son of John and Catherine Hanks, m 1750 to Nancy Anna Lee. Joseph’s
father, John, was a cousin to Thomas Hanks, who married Nancy’s sister,
Elizabeth (Betty) Lee. Joseph lived in Mineral Springs, WV. He moved to
Nelson County, KY., where he died in 1793. His will is listed in Nelson
County, naming his wife “Nannie” (Nancy) and the children listed above.

Nancy Anna Lee, b circa 1728, m 1750 to Joseph Hanks, Sr. After Joseph died,
Nancy and son Joseph, Jr., sold the Nelson County Kentucky property to her
other son, William Hanks, entering into a contract for sale 10 Jan 1794. From
there, they went to Rockingham County, Virginia, where Nancy’s family lived.
Nancy died there, and Joseph Jr. returned to Nelson County, KY where he later
recorded his will and died. Nancy “Nannie” Hanks was living near Brock Gap in
Rockingham Co., VA. on 8 Oct 1808, when she was baptized by Baptist church
officials who were holding a meeting near her home. She would have then been
80-years-old. Nancy Anna Lee was the daughter of:

4th Generation: Maternal

William Lee 3. = _________

William Lee 3, b 14 May 1704, d 1764. Children:
1. Elizabeth (Betty) Lee, b 1723/24. m Thomas Hanks, b 26 Jul 1728, s/o
William and Hester Mills Hanks.
2. Nancy Anna Lee, b circa 1728, m Joseph Hanks, Sr.
3. Richard Lee.

5th Generation: Maternal

William Lee 2 = Dorothy Taylor

William Lee 2, b 1682, d 1717, s/o William Lee 1 of Westmoreland and King and
Queen Counties, VA., m 1703 to Dorothy Taylor. His wife, Dorothy, and her
brother, Thomas Taylor, were administrators of his estate. She left her
grandchildren the inheritance left to William 2 by his mother, Elizabeth
Harwood Taylor. Thomas Hanks received 9 lbs., 11 shillings, and 8 pence.
Joseph Hanks received 2 lbs., 2 shillings, and 6 pence. Richard Lee received 4
shillings. Nothing is listed for John Lee, who probably died young.
Dorothy Taylor, b 1681, m 1703 to William Lee 2. Dorothy m2 circa 1720 to
Richard Croucher. On 13 Apr 1745, she was witness to the will of Henry
Williams, on Richmond Co. VA., signed as Dorothy Croucher. Children with
William Lee 2:
1. William Lee 3, b 14 May 1704
2. Charles Lee b 18 Sep 1706
3. Richard Lee, b 9 Apr 1711
4. John Lee, b 11 Oct 1713, d young.

6th Generation: Maternal

Thomas Taylor 2 = Elizabeth Harwood

Thomas Taylor 2, b 1657, d 1712, was m in 1680 to Elizabeth Harwood, d/o
William Harwood, who gave them a a deed of land. Thomas’ will of 29 Mar 1712,
was probated, 4 Jun 1712 (Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA., Records p. 80).
The will stipulated that his sons Thomas, Benjamin and John were to be set at
liberty at age sixteen, Thomas (the eldest) was to have 50 acres of land
binding on Lawrence Taliaferro, Benjamin was to have 50 acres binding on John
Jones, and the youngest son, John, to have 50 acres between his brothers.
There was no executor, and the witnesses were John Shaples and Thomas Sisson.
An inventory of his estate was made 17 May 1713.

Children of Thomas Taylor 2 and Elizabeth Harwood:
1. Dorothy Taylor, m William Lee 2.
2. Sarah Taylor Ellate, b c 1688.
3. Thomas Taylor 3, b 1690, m Ann Jones. Thomas made his will in 1712. His
mother, Elizabeth Harwood, outlived him by many years. She made her will on 11
May 1747, (WB 5, p 331, Richmond Co., VA.) Her daughters, Sarah Ellate and
Dorothy Croucher, received her clothing, to be divided between them, and
Dorothy was to “have her Coyas.” Her grandson, William Lee, was named as
executor. Mentioned in the will were great-granddaughter, Betty Lee (d/o
grandson, William Lee 2), Anna Lee (d/o grandson, William Lee 2), and Richard
Lee (s/o grandson William Lee 2).
4. Benjamin Taylor, b circa 1702 m Eleanor _______. Benjamin left a will
dated 11 Feb 1775 in St. Marks Parish, Culpepper Co., VA. “My land, prayer
book, and tools to be given to son Thomas, to daughters Elizabeth Miles and
Mary Butler, negroes and their increase, to godson Charles James Jones Taylor,
40 shillings for schooling. The rest of my estate to son-in-law Charles Miles,
son-in-law James Butler, and wife Eleanor.” [Virginia Magazine of History,
Vol. Six; Taylor Bulletins, 1973.]
5. John Taylor, b 1710.

7th Generation: Maternal

Thomas Taylor 1 = Mary ________

Thomas Taylor 1, b 1637 in England, was the son of immigrants John and
Elizabeth Taylor. He came to America in 1650 by Headright, sponsored by
Richard Tye and Charles Sparrow of Charles City, VA. His wife, Mary, d 1687.
On 20 Mar 1662, Thomas patented 281 acres of land which he bought from
Matthew Edlow, located on the north side of the James River. The land itself
was called “Harrahatocke, over against King’s Island, bounded by the river, a
little below the orchard adjacent to land of Arthur Bayley.” Thomas claimed
land by Headright for the transport for his daughter, Dorothy Taylor, John
Bell, John Young, and others under the Headright System, 23 Sep 1667. On 2
May 1666, Thomas bought land in Surrey Co., VA. He paid tithe there in 1672
and made statements that he was 35 years of age. His will was recorded in
Rappahanock Co., VA., 22 Jan 1686, and was probated 2 Mar 1687.
Children of Thomas Taylor 1 and Mary ____:
1. Thomas Taylor 2, b 1657.
2. Richard Taylor, b 1658, mentioned in Southwark Parish Surrey Co., with
wife, Sarah. His will, of 6 May 1705, names his wife, Sarah, and children:
Richard, John, and Thomas. Thomas mentions that he received land from his
grandfather Thomas Taylor. (A.E. Casey, Some Southern Virginia Families, p
3. Elizabeth Taylor, b 1660, m 1678 John Tavener, Sr.
4. Dorothy Taylor, b 1662, d 1688.
There were probably other children as well.

8th Generation: Maternal

John Taylor = Elizabeth _____
John Taylor, b 10 Aug 1607, in England, d Jan 1652, m Elizabeth. Records in
both Northumberland and Lancaster Counties, VA., show that he came to America
around 1648, as he is listed in Greer’s Immigration List, 1648. That year,
John Taylor, James Jones, and John Ellis patented 500 acres of land. On 28 Apr
1651 he patented 950 acres and 1400 acres.
Children of immigrant John Taylor and wife Elizabeth:
1. Richard Taylor, b 1625, England.
2. John Taylor 2, b 1627, England.
3. Robert Taylor, b 1630, England.
4. William Taylor, b 1632-4 or 1638, England.
5. James Taylor 1, b 1635, m Frances Walker. His granddaughter, Frances
Taylor, m Ambrose Madison, and was the grandmother of James Madison U.S.
President. Also, his grandson, Zachary Taylor, b 1707, was the grandfather of
Zachary Taylor, b 1784, U.S. President.
6. Thomas Taylor 1, b 1637, England.
7. Elizabeth Taylor, b 1645, came to America in 1648
with her parents, m Simon Sallard.
8. Richard Taylor, b 1650, Northumberland Co.,VA.
Abraham Lincoln = Mary Todd
Thomas Lincoln = Nancy Hanks (b 25 Mar 1780, d 5 Oct 1818, m 23 Jun 1806)

The preceeding is but an excerpt of the article. The paternal side and the
contination of the English sides are also included in the original article.
However, there are some errors in the Tyndale family in the next few
generations the way the article stands.

The information presented about has not been double checked and the Lee family
is quite difficult to sort out. There are a lot of books on the Lees and many
of them say different things. Much work still needs to be done in this.

Kenneth Harper Finton
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