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Is this line still valid???

Ancestors of Thomas Yale, Capt.

Generation No. 1

1. Thomas Yale , Capt., born Abt. 1616; died 27-Mar-1683 in New Haven, New
Haven, CT. He was the son of 2. Thomas Yale and 3. Ann Lloyd. He married (1)
Mary Turner 1645. She was the daughter of Nathaniel Turner , Capt..

Notes for Thomas Yale , Capt.:
Of New Haven Colony, CT; Justice of the Peace 6 May 1648, Deputy to the
General Court, and took part in King Philip's War. He appears to have had a
farm a few miles north of the New Haven town plot. In the seating plan of the
New Haven meeting house he was assigned the "3rd seat ... in the cross seats
at the end"

Generation No. 2

2. Thomas Yale, died 1619. He was the son of 4. David Yale , LL.D. and 5.
Frances Lloyd. He married 3. Ann Lloyd Abt. 1612.
3. Ann Lloyd, died 1659 in New Haven, CT. She was the daughter of 6. George
Lloyd , Rev. and 7. Anne Wilkinson.

Notes for Thomas Yale:
Of Plas Grono, near Wrexham, Denbighshire, North Wales

Notes for Ann Lloyd:
Passenger on ship Hector of London, landing at Boston 26 June 1637, with her
2nd husband, Theophilus Eaton, later Governor of New Haven Colony 1639-56, and
her 3 children, settling in New Haven Colony 1638/9. In the seating plan of
the New Haven meeting house, read at a General Court meeting 10 March 1646/7,
she was assigned a place "In the middle ... 1st seat, old Mrs. Eaton"

Child of Thomas Yale and Ann Lloyd is:
1i.Thomas Yale , Capt., born Abt. 1616; died 27-Mar-1683 in New Haven, New
Haven, CT; married Mary Turner 1645.

Generation No. 3

4. David Yale , LL.D., died Bef. 16-Jun-1626. He married 5. Frances Lloyd.
5. Frances Lloyd. She was the daughter of 10. John Lloyd , D.C.L and 11.
Elizabeth Piggot.

Notes for David Yale , LL.D.:
Of Erddig Park and Plas Grono, near Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales; Chancellor
of Chester; will dated 15 August 1625, probated a the Consistory Court,
Chester, 16 June 1626, mentioned "David Yale, Thomas Yale, and Ann Yale, the
children of my eldest son Thomas Yale late deceased." He was also rector of
Llandegla, Denbighshire 1564-73, vicar of High Offley, Staffordshire 1572-3,
prebendary of St. Asaph 1578, prebendary of Chester 1582, becoming Chancellor
1587. "With Edmund Meyrick he administered the see of Bangor in the vacancy
between he episcopates of Nicholas Robinson and Hugh Bellot in 1585" He
became vicar general to Bishop George Lloyd of Chester 23 June 1607. He
matriculated at Queen's College, Cambridge, Michaelmas 1555, where he received
3 degrees, B.A. 1563-4, M.A. 1567, LL. D. 1579, and became a Fellow of Queen's
College 1565-81, a Proctor 1575-6, and was admitted an Advocate 3 Feb. 1581/2.

Child of David Yale and Frances Lloyd is:
2i.Thomas Yale, died 1619; married Ann Lloyd Abt. 1612.

6. George Lloyd , Rev., born 1560 in Bryn Euryn, Llandrillo yn Rhos, Wales;
died 1-Aug-1615. He was the son of 12. Meredith Lloyd ap John ap Meredith
Lloyd and 13. Jonet Conway. He married 7. Anne Wilkinson.
7. Anne Wilkinson. She was the daughter of 14. John Wilkinson.

Notes for George Lloyd , Rev.:
D.D. Bishop of Chester; buried under the choir of Chester Cathedral

Child of George Lloyd and Anne Wilkinson is:
3i.Ann Lloyd, died 1659 in New Haven, CT; married Thomas Yale Abt. 1612.

Generation No. 4

10. John Lloyd , D.C.L, born 1533; died 20-Feb-1606/07. He married 11.
Elizabeth Piggot.
11. Elizabeth Piggot, died 12-Dec-1590. She was the daughter of 22. Thomas
Piggot , Esq. and 23. Katherine Langstone.

Notes for John Lloyd , D.C.L:
Buried in Chester Cathedral; wills dated 4 & 11 Feb. 1607 and probated in
1608. Judge of the Admiralty, Advocate of the Canterbury Court of Arches,
London, 1566, for 40 years, and Dean of St. Asaph 1559. He received 3 degrees
from Oxford University; B.A. 8 November 1542, B.C.L. 16 July 1554, D.C.L. 19
Feb. 1564/5, and was a Fellow, All Souls' College, and an original Fellow,
Jesus College, Oxford 1571.

Notes for Elizabeth Piggot:
Buried in Chester Cathedral

Child of John Lloyd and Elizabeth Piggot is:
5i.Frances Lloyd, married David Yale , LL.D..

12. Meredith Lloyd ap John ap Meredith Lloyd. He married 13. Jonet Conway.
13. Jonet Conway. She was the daughter of 26. Hugh Conway Vaughan.

Notes for Meredith Lloyd ap John ap Meredith Lloyd:
Of Beaumaris and Carnarvonshire

Child of Meredith and Jonet Conway is:
6i.George Lloyd , Rev., born 1560 in Bryn Euryn, Llandrillo yn Rhos, Wales;
died 1-Aug-1615; married Anne Wilkinson.

14. John Wilkinson, born in Of Norwich, ENG.

Child of John Wilkinson is:
7i.Anne Wilkinson, married George Lloyd , Rev..

Generation No. 5

22. Thomas Piggot , Esq., died Abt. 1564. He was the son of 44. Thomas
Piggot , Esq. and 45. Elizabeth Iwardby. He married 23. Katherine Langstone.
23. Katherine Langstone, died Bef. 6-Jan-1557/58. She was the daughter of
46. Thomas Langstone , Esq..

Notes for Thomas Piggot , Esq.:
Of Doddershall, BKM; Lord of Grendon and Edgcott, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire
1552 and 1557; buried at Grendon; will dated 6 June 1558 and probated in 1564.

Notes for Katherine Langstone:
Buried at Grendon; another source has her father as Christopher Longston, Gent
of Abington in Bucks.

Child of Thomas Piggot and Katherine Langstone is:
11i.Elizabeth Piggot, died 12-Dec-1590; married John Lloyd , D.C.L.

26. Hugh Conway Vaughan, born in of Bryn Euryn.

Child of Hugh Conway Vaughan is:
13i.Jonet Conway, married Meredith Lloyd ap John ap Meredith Lloyd.

Generation No. 6

44. Thomas Piggot , Esq., died 25-Feb-1518/19. He was the son of 88. Robert
Piggot and 89. Margaret Giffard. He married 45. Elizabeth Iwardby.
45. Elizabeth Iwardby, died Abt. 1549. She was the daughter of 90. John
Iwardby , Esq. and 91. Joane Brudenell.

Notes for Thomas Piggot , Esq.:
Of Horwood and Whaddon, and jure uxoris of Doddershall; Sergeant -at-Law 1510;
buried at Whaddon. The monument to Thomas Piggot and his 2 wives is in the
north chapel of the Church of St. Mary at Whaddon. It is an elaborately
carved "Purbeck" marble, canopied tomb. The brasses show kneeling figures
representing Thomas, his two wives and ten children. Above are two shields,
on quartering Piggott with Forster, the other with this impaling a saltire
engrailed and a chief with two "molets" for "Elizabeth Ewerby," by his second

Notes for Elizabeth Iwardby:
Buried at Whaddon, BKM; she held in dower Doddershall in Quainton, Ashendon
Hundred, BKM.

Notes for Agnes Forster:
1st wife of Thomas, buried at Whaddon.

Child of Thomas Piggot and Elizabeth Iwardby is:
22i.Thomas Piggot , Esq., died Abt. 1564; married Katherine Langstone.

46. Thomas Langstone , Esq., born in pf Abingdon, BRK, ENG.

Child of Thomas Langstone , Esq. is:
23i.Katherine Langstone, died Bef. 6-Jan-1557/58; married Thomas Piggot ,

Generation No. 7

88. Robert Piggot, born in of Little Horwood and Whaddon. He married 89.
Margaret Giffard.
89. Margaret Giffard. She was the daughter of 178. John Giffard , Esq. and
179. Margaret Wooley.

Notes for Robert Piggot:
Steward to the Duke of York

Child of Robert Piggot and Margaret Giffard is:
44i.Thomas Piggot , Esq., died 25-Feb-1518/19; married (1) Elizabeth
Iwardby; married (2) Agnes Forster.

90. John Iwardby , Esq., died 22-Aug-1485. He was the son of 180. Nicholas
Iwardby , ESQ. and 181. Elizabeth Hampden. He married 91. Joane Brudenell.
91. Joane Brudenell, died Aft. 1522. She was the daughter of 182. Edmund
Brudenell , Esq. and 183. Philippa Englefield.

Notes for John Iwardby , Esq.:
Lord of Quainton and Overbury

Children of John Iwardby and Joane Brudenell are:
45i.Elizabeth Iwardby, died Abt. 1549; married (1) Thomas Piggot , Esq.;
married (2) William Elmes , Esq..
ii.Margery Iwardby, married Ralph Verney.
iii.Helen Iwardby, married (1) William Cutland; married (2) Thomas

Generation No. 8

178. John Giffard , Esq., born in of Whaddon Hall. He married 179. Margaret
179. Margaret Wooley, born in of Campden, GLS, ENG.

Notes for John Giffard , Esq.:
Keeper of the Chase

Child of John Giffard and Margaret Wooley is:
89i.Margaret Giffard, married Robert Piggot.

180. Nicholas Iwardby , ESQ., died May-1462. He was the son of 360. John
Iwardby and 361. Katherine Missenden. He married 181. Elizabeth Hampden.
181. Elizabeth Hampden, died 8-Dec-1466. She was the daughter of 362. John
Hampden , Esq. and 363. Elizabeth Whalesborough.

Notes for Nicholas Iwardby , ESQ.:
Lord of Quainton and Missenden, buried at St. Bridget's Church, London 10 May
1462. He was a patron of the church 1447 and was confirmed by charter in 1449
in the lands of his maternal ancestor, great-great-grandfather Sir Thomas de

Child of Nicholas Iwardby and Elizabeth Hampden is:
90i.John Iwardby , Esq., died 22-Aug-1485; married Joane Brudenell.

182. Edmund Brudenell , Esq., born in of Stoke, Mandeville, BKM, ENG. He
married 183. Philippa Englefield.
183. Philippa Englefield. She was the daughter of 366. Philip Englefield ,

Child of Edmund Brudenell and Philippa Englefield is:
91i.Joane Brudenell, died Aft. 1522; married John Iwardby , Esq..

Generation No. 9

360. John Iwardby, died Abt. 1430. He was the son of 720. John Iwardby ,
Esq. and 721. Jane Annesley. He married 361. Katherine Missenden.
361. Katherine Missenden, born 1408; died 10-Jul-1436. She was the daughter
of 722. Bernard Missenden. Sir and 723. Isabella Frome.

Notes for John Iwardby:
Jure uxoris Lord of Missenden, buried Missenden Abbey, Buckinghamshire

Notes for Katherine Missenden:
Heiress of Missenden, buried at Missenden Abbe, Buckinghamshire

Child of John Iwardby and Katherine Missenden is:
180i.Nicholas Iwardby , ESQ., died May-1462; married Elizabeth Hampden.

362. John Hampden , Esq., born in of Great Hampden, BKM, ENG. He married
363. Elizabeth Whalesborough.
363. Elizabeth Whalesborough. She was the daughter of 726. John
Whalesborough , Sir and 727. Daughter Raleigh.

Child of John Hampden and Elizabeth Whalesborough is:
181i.Elizabeth Hampden, died 8-Dec-1466; married Nicholas Iwardby , ESQ..

366. Philip Englefield , Esq., born in of Fressingfield, SFK.

Child of Philip Englefield , Esq. is:
183i.Philippa Englefield, married Edmund Brudenell , Esq..

Generation No. 10

720. John Iwardby , Esq., born in of Maple Durham, OXF, ENG. He married
721. Jane Annesley.
721. Jane Annesley. She was the daughter of 1442. Hugh Annesley , Sir.

Notes for John Iwardby , Esq.:
Name also found as Everby, Ewerby and Eversby.

Child of John Iwardby and Jane Annesley is:
360i.John Iwardby, died Abt. 1430; married Katherine Missenden.

722. Bernard Missenden. Sir, born 1386; died 1409. He was the son of 1444.
Edmund Missenden , Sir and 1445. Juliana Grey. He married 723. Isabella
723. Isabella Frome, died Aft. 1435. She was the daughter of 1446. John
Frome and 1447. .... Tregoze.

Notes for Bernard Missenden. Sir:
At the death of his father he became ward of King Richard II and made a proof
of his full age in 1407.

Child of Bernard Sir and Isabella Frome is:
361i.Katherine Missenden, born 1408; died 10-Jul-1436; married John

726. John Whalesborough , Sir. He married 727. Daughter Raleigh.
727. Daughter Raleigh. She was the daughter of 1454. John Raleigh , Sir and
1455. Ismania Hanham.

Notes for John Whalesborough , Sir:

Child of John Whalesborough and Daughter Raleigh is:
363i.Elizabeth Whalesborough, married John Hampden , Esq..

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