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> Please could someone furnish me with a family tree of the Percy family,
> Earls of Northumberland from the 1st Earl to 9th Earl, and further if
> possible.
> Thanks
> Paul Garner-Richards
This is what I have from the genealogy of the Percy family in Flanders (only
descendents in the male line, the sons are listed before the daughters)

Henry, 1st Earl of Northumberland, Marshal and Constable of England
(1341/42-1408); m.1st 1358 Margaret (1329-1372) dau.of Ralph, lord Neville;
m.2d 1381 Maud, Baroness Lucy (d.1398) dau.of Anthony, Lord Lucy; Henry, 1st
Earl of Northumberland, had issue by his 1st m.:

1.Henry "Hotspur", lord Percy (1364/66-1403); m.Elizabeth Mortimer
(1371-1417) (see below) 2.Sir Thomas, d.1388; m.1376 Elizabeth of Strathbogie
(d.after 1416) 2.1.Sir Henry, of Atholl, d.1432; m.Elizabeth Bardolph
(d.1440/1) 2.1.1.Elizabeth, d.1455; m.1st Thomas Burgh; m.2d Sir William Lucy
2.1.2.Margaret, d.1464; m.1st before 5 May 1434 Henry, Lord Grey of Codnor;
m.2d Sir Richard de Vere 3.Sir Ralph, d.1397; m.Philippa of Strathbogie

1.1.Henry, 2d Earl of Northumberland, Constable of England (1393/94-1455); 1414 Eleanor Neville (1398-1440) (see below) 1.2.Elizabeth, d.1437;
m.1st 1412 John, Lord Clifford (d.1422); m.2d 1426 Ralph Neville, Earl of
Westmoreland (d.1484)

1.1.1.Henry, 3d Earl of Northumberland (1421-1461); 1435 Eleanor de
Poynings (b.1422; d.1472/84)
(see below)
1.1.2.Thomas, Lord Egremont (1422-1460) Egremont, 2d Lord Egremont (1459-1497); illegitimate?
1.1.3.Sir Ralph, (1425-1464); m.Eleanor de Acton (b.1429) Percy, b.1451; m.Jane Teye (b.1455) Percy, b.1495 Pearce, b.1521 Pearce, b.1553; m.Marguerite Coney (b.1568) Pearce (1590-1666); m.Martha___ Pearce(1615-1678); m.Susannah Wright (1627-bef.1678)
They emigrated to America.
1.1.4.Richard, d. 1461
1.1.5.William, Bp of Carlisle
1.1.6.George, a priest
1.1.7.Katherine, b.1423; m.before 1459 Edmund Grey, Earl of Kent (d.1490)
1.1.8.Ann; m.1st Sir Th. Hungerford; m.2nd Sir Lawrence Raynsforde; m.3rd Sir
Hugh Vaughan, 4th Earl of Northumberland (1446/49-1489); 1476 Maud
Herbert (1453-1485) (see below); m. Sir William Gascoigne
(d. 1486) Algernon, 5th Earl of Northumberland (1478-1527); m.before
1502 Catherine Spencer (1477-1542) (see below) William, b.
1478; d.shortly before 19 Sep 1540; m.before 1516 Agnes Constable, d.1532; m. Margaret Frost
(1524-1580); m. Elizabeth Waterton (d. after 1604); m.
Mary Moore (d.1652)
(1563-1605); m. Martha Wright daughter (b.1599); m.Robert
Catesby (b.1595); no issue, Warden of Trinity College,
Cambridge (1478-1530); m.1490 Edward Stafford, Duke of
Buckingham (1478-1521), d.after 20 May 1512; m.Henry,
Lord Scrope (d.1506), d.after 1520; m.Sir Ralph Rither
(d.1520), (1485-1552); m.1511 William FitzAlan, Earl of
Arundel (1476-1544), 6th Earl of Northumberland (1502-1537); m.1524 Mary Talbot
(d.1572); no issue Thomas, d.1537; m.Eleanor Harbottle (d.1567)
(see below) Ingelram, d.1538; m. ? son, ancestor of the Irish branch of the Percy family; m.1543 Henry Tempest, d.1540; 1516 Henry Clifford, Earl of Cumberland
(1493-1542); m.Lord Conyers, 7th Earl of Northumberland (1528-1572); m.1558 Anne
Somerset (d.1591/96), Lord Percy, (1560-1560) (1570-ca 1600). m.1595 Judoca Reygers (see below); m.Richard Woodroffe (Maria),
a nun in Brussels; b.1562; d.1642; m.Sir Edward Stanley; m.Lord Henry Seymour, 8th Earl of
Northumberland (1532/33-1585); m.1562 Catherine Nevill (d.1596), 9th Earl of Northumberl. (1564-1632); m.1594 Dorothy
Devereux(d.1619), Lord Percy, d.1596, Lord Percy (1596-1597),
10th Earl of Northumberland (1602-1668); m.1st before 1630 Lady Anne Cecil
(1612-1637); m.2d 1642 Lady Elizabeth Howard (d.1705) (1633-1654); m.Philip Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield (1636-1717); m.Arthur Capell, Earl of Essex, 11th Earl of Northumberland (1644-1670);
m.1662 Lady Elizabeth Wriothesley (d.1690), d. of Thomas, Earl of Southampton, Lord Percy (1668-1669) (1667-1722); m.1st 1679 Henry Cavendish, Earl
of Ogle (d.1680);m.2d 1681 Thomas Thynne (d.1682); m.3d 1682 Charles, Duke of
Somerset (d.1748)= ancestor of the present Dukes of Northumberland (1604/05-1659) (1598-1659);
m.ca1615 Robert Sidney, Earl of Leicester (d.1677)
(1599-1660); m.1617 James Hay, Earl of Carlisle (d.1636) (1566-1587) (1570-1648) Charles (1572-1628) Richard
(1573-1648/49) Alan (1577-1613); m.Mary Fitz Josceline (1578-1631) (1580-1632); m.1st Sir John Wotton; m.2d Sir
Hugh Owen, d.1650; m.before 1600 William Herbert,
Lord Powis (d.1656) Guiscard; died young Mary
(1532-1598); m.Sir Francis Slingsby (d.1600); 4 children; m.Ralph Rethers; m.Arthur

In Flanders: Thomas, 7th Earl of Northumberland (1528-1572) had one surviving
son, who was brought to the Southern Netherlands with his mother when she
went in exile (see my postings "Percy in Flanders" - soc.genealogy.medieval
99/01/17). His descendents:
1.John (Jehan) Percy (1570-ca 1600); m.1595 Judoca Reygers

1.1.John (Johan,Jan) de Piercy, Lord of Uythem (1596-after 1650); m.1616 Maria

1.1.1.Carlos Percy, Chevalier de l'Ordre Militaire du Christ; a.k.a. "Don
Carlos Piercy"; returned to England. Issue? 1.1.2.Gabriel Piersy (1633-1682);
m.1654 Maria Pijp a Spernore. She was of English descent (Pype of Spernore)
(d.1678) (see below) 1.1.3.Johanna Margaretha Piercy (1617-1655); m.1638
Justus Caecilius Van de Putte 1.1.4.Maria Pierci (1628-?) de Piercy (1655-1706); m. Anna Maria Thonette Persy Baptist Persy (1659-1710); 2 illegitimate daughters Persy (1660-1690); m. Joanna Dassen Persy, Lord of Uythem (1662-1743); m.1685 Anna van der Loock
(see below) Persy (1662-1697) Persy (b.1666) Percy (b.1688; illeg. by Maria van Houtven); m. Catharina
Schellen; 2 daughters de Persy (b.1657) de Passy (1687-1730); m. Catharina Van Leemputten; 7
children de Persie (1690-1763); m.1st ; m.2d ; m.3d; no
issue Baptist de Perisi (1695-1741); m. Anna Maria Lauwers;
mayor of Rotselaar; 5 children de Persey (1695-1697) Louis de Parsy (1689-1762); m.1st Catharina De Groot; m.2d
Anna Cath. Janssens; 1 daughter de Percye (1701-1734) de Persy (b.1706, d. young) Persy
(1686-1743); m. Willem de Kock; 11 children Persy
(1692-1704) de Persy (b.1703, d. before 1780); m. Jan Frans
Reyers; 9 children de Percy (1710-1758); m.1st 1730
Gaspar van den Broeck (1711-1732); m.2d 1736 Hendrik Docx (d.1766); 12

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