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From: John Steele Gordon <>
Subject: Re: Sir John Baldwin, Bucks Co. b 1470, male heir?
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 09:33:19 -0400

David Drake wrote:

> The Victorian County series for Bucks says that the Sir John Baldwin, b 1470
> Aylesbury, had no male heir, simply a daughter who married a Robert
> Packington and John's property was left to them. The Baldwin ancestry for
> those who lived in MA/CT in the early 1600s indicates that this Sir John had
> a son named Richard, bc 1500 Aston-Clinton, d 1553 in Dundrige.
> Can anyone tell me which is correct? If Sir John Baldwin died without a
> male heir, who is the ancestor of the Baldwin families in New England?

According to Clifford L. Stott (FASG), author of "Sylvester and Jane
(Wells) Baldwin, Parents of the Immigrant Sylvester Baldwin," in The
Genealogist (Vol. ii, No. 1--Spring 1997), the ancestors of the
immigrant are known for 4 generations. The first three, Sylvester,
Henry, and Richard, are to be found in Charles Candee Baldwin's The
Baldwin Genealogy From 1500 to 1881 (pub. 1881). See also, Joseph L.
Chester's "Report of Investigations Concerning the Famiuly of Baldwin of
Aston Clinton, co. Bucks." in NEHGR, vol. 38 (1884), pp. 160-70, 289-99,

The discovery of Richard's father, Robert, is discussed in G. Andrew
Moriarty, "Baldwin of Bucks and Connecticut," NEHGR 110 (1956), p. 310.


> Thanks for your help.
> Dot Drake

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