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Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 21:48:52 GMT
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><< >any member of that family, possibily illegitimate ending up in what is
> >Nova Scotia before the Acadians were deported by the English?
> A track that will leed nowhere. Too many Acadian records
> are missing.
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>Yes but in this case, apparently the records are not missing. Believe it or
>not there are way to track a family from Canada to wherever they end up after
>getting deported by the English (France, England, the Canary Islands, in some

Since I am the guy who accepts or not data about French Origins
in the Fichier Origine web site
I have some knowledge about existing sources while it is obvious I
don't know all existing records. Also, who was deported to the Canary
Islands which I think were Spanish at that time ?

>cases believe it or not the Falklands) and to Louisiana.

Acadia was not Canada at that time. They were 2 different
colonies with a different fate.

The first Savoie in Acadia had the following family (from 1671

n = born (from age in 1671 census (default) or 1686 [R1686])
Family was in Port-Royal. Father was a day worker (journalier)
and the children married commoners.

SAVOIE, François, n 1621, day worker
Le JEUNE, Catherine, n 1633
1. Françoise, n 1653, m Jean CORPORON
2. Germain, n 1654, m Marie BRAULT
3. Marie, n 1657, m Jacques LAPERRIÈRE
4. Jeanne, n 1658, m Étienne PELLERIN
5. Catherine, n 1662, m François LEURON
6. François, n 1663
7. Barnabé, n 1665
8. Andrée, n 1667, m Jean PRÉJEAN
9. Marie, n 1669

While this list is not complete, this family doesn't look like
a noble family. And the family was in Acadia in 1671, likely
married there circa 1652 (the mother has an Acadian name) and
the expulsion occured in 1755-58. So, what document would give
them a link to a Savoy family (which was more or less similar
to a king family at that time) and how could this document
still be unknown ?


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