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From: (Douglas Richardson)
Subject: Correction for Complete Peerage: Elizabeth, lst wife of Hugh Burnell, 2nd Lord Burnell
Date: 9 Jan 2002 02:13:30 -0800

Dear Hap ~

In answer to your query regarding the identity of the first wife of
Sir Hugh Burnell, 2nd Lord Burnell (died 1420), it appears her given
name was Elizabeth. This is indicated by an inquisition dated Monday
after St. Andrew 44 Edward III [1370], an abstract of which is found
in the Calendar of Inquisitions Miscellaneous, 3 (1937): 285, which I
quote below:

"Robert Burnel, bishop of Bath gave to Joan Charles for life his manor
of Billyngford [Norfolk], which is worth 20 marks yearly, and is held
of the honour of Peverel by the service of 2-1/2 knights' fees.
After her death Edward Burnel, being of full age, entered thereon 37
years ago as kinsman and heir of the said Robert without doing relief,
as the jurors believe, and died without an heir of his body, whereupon
Maud his sister, being of full age, entered thereon as his heir
without doing relief, as the jurors believe. Afterwards by license of
the king, John Haudlo and the said Maud, then his wife, thereof
enfeoffed divers persons unknown, who granted the said manor by like
license to the said John and Maud for their lives, with remainder to
Nicholas their son, who by like license enfeoffed divers persons, who
granted it by license to Hugh Burnel and Elizabeth his wife, who now
hold it."

This information corrects Complete Peerage sub Burnell which
incorrectly states that Sir Hugh Burnell married (1st) Philippe de la
Pole, a ficticious person. Below please find an account of Sir Hugh
Burnell taken from the forthcoming book, Plantagenet Ancestry, 3rd

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah


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Burnell information from Plantagenet Ancestry, 3rd edition:

I. HUGH BURNELL, K.G., 2nd Lord Burnell, of Holdgate and Acton
Burnell, Salop, Bidford, co. Warwick, Great Cheverell, Wiltshire,
etc., and in right of his 2nd wife, of Weoley, co. Worcester, Governor
of Bridgnorth and Montgomery Castles, son and heir, born about 1347
(aged 36 in 1383). He married (1st) before 1370 ELIZABETH _____.
They had one son, Edward, Knt. She was living in 1370. He was
summoned to Parliament from 20 Aug. 1383. He married (2nd) in 1386,
before 22 May, to JOYCE BOTETOURT, Lady Botetourt suo jure, daughter
of John Botetourt, of Little Linford, co. Buckingham, by Maud,
daughter of John de Grey, 1st Lord Grey, of Rotherfield, co. Oxford.
They had no issue. She died 1 Jan. 1406/7, and was buried at Hales
Abbey, Shropshire. He married (3rd) in 1408 or 1409 JOAN DEVEREUX,
widow of Walter Fitz Walter, Lord Fitz Walter (died at Venice 16 May
1407), and daughter of John Devereux, 1st Lord Devereux, by Maud,
daughter of John de Vere, 7th Earl of Oxford. She was born about 1380
(aged 17 in 1397). She died 10 or 11 May 1409, and was buried at
Dunmow Priory. HUGH BURNELL, 2nd Lord Burnell, died testate 27 Nov.
1420, his will directing burial at Hales Abbey, Shropshire.


C.P. 2 (1912):235 (sub Botetourt), 435-436 (sub Burnell). C.P. 5
(1926):481-482. Cal. Inq. Misc. 3 (1937): 285. VCH Warwick 3 (1945):

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Original post by Henry Sutliff:

A couple of months back I posted a query concerning the chronological
improbability that Hugh Burnell was married firstly to Philippa de la
Pole, an alleged daughter of Michael de la Pole and Katherine de
Stafford. A number of sources including Faris show this marriage as
as the further improbability that Philippa was mother of Hugh' son

The defining conflicts were the fact that Michael de la Pole was born
1367 and married Katherine circa 1383. When Edward died in 1415 his
p. m. mentioned three daughters, Joyce aged 24, Katherine aged 14 and
Margaret aged 11. Something was clearly wrong here.

I had the privilege of working on this problem with Richard Renold of
Staffordshire. Our efforts to solve this dilemma were eased by the
corrections to Burnell in the new CP XIV. What this showed was:

Hugh Burnell was married firstly to _______ who was mother of Edward.

Edward was married to (1) Alienore le Strange and (2) Elizabeth de la
Pole. The latter was daughter of Michael de la Pole and Katherine de
Stafford and thus this clears up some of the confusion about a Burnell
de la Pole marriage.

As helpful as the corrections in CP XIV were, Richard and I still had
two major questions not addressed. (1) which of Edward's wives was
mother to his daughters and (2) if Alienore le Strange was the mother
the girls, which Lord Strange was her father?

Peter Hammond who edited CP XIV was contacted and most generously
supplied the information. As Edward Burnell did not marry Elizabeth de
la Pole until shortly before his death in 1415, clearly Alienore was
mother of the girls. Elizabeth remained a widow for nearly 10 years
before she married Thomas Kerdeston in 1425.

Hammond identified John, 6th Lord Strange of Knockyn and his wife
3rd and youngest daughter and co-heir of John, 2nd Lord Mohun as
of Alienore (CP XI:354-5). This was not included in CP XIV, so I
this information would be new to many of those interested in this

I hope this information will be of help to some on this list.

Henry Sutliff

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