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From: "Adrian Fray" <>
Subject: Re: Browne of London and walcot
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 08:20:24 -0000
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In my collection of data concerning Sir John Fray (chief baron of the
Exchequer 1436) I have references to a William Blount (Lord Mountjoy) and a
Robert Browne. These may be the two people to whom you refer.

The William Blount (d. 1535) married Elizabeth Say, a daughter of William
Say and Elizabeth (nee Fray). The latter was the daughter of Agnes (nee
Danvers) by her second husband, Sir John Fray.

The Robert Browne was the son of William Browne and Agnes nee Baldington).
The latter was the daughter of Agnes (nee Danvers) by her first husband Sir
Thomas Baldington. Incidentally, this Robert Browne had a sister named
Constance (or Custons), who became the 6th Abbess of Syon.

If you think that these are the correct Blount and Browne, you might find it
of interest to read the will of Agnes (nee Danvers).

Please let me know if these are the correct Blount and Browne.

All the best,

Adrian F. Fray

"Kay Allen AG" <> wrote in message
> I suspect that the editors of VCH made a conclusion longjump based on
Burke and added
> the bit about Robert being brother of William.
> I have studied the will of Sir John Browne, mayor, and father to William
and alleged
> father of Robert. He mentions almost everyone he knows leaving them
something to pray
> for his soul. Robert is never mentioned. So I have discounted him as
being Robert's
> father.
> Kay
> wrote:
> > I have just come across a passage in VCH Northamptonshire concerning the
> > of Apethorpe in Willybrook Hundred [VCH Northants, v.2, p.543]. It
implies that
> > Robert Browne of Walcot was connected to the Brownes of London.
> >
> > "In 1515 the manor was bought of them [Ethelreda and Thomas Empson] by
> > Keble, citizen and grocer of London and merchant of the staple, William
> > Lord Mountjoy, his son in law, and others.[Feet of Fines Northants, 7
Hen VII].
> > Henry Keble died in 1517, leaving Apethorpe entailed successively on his
> > George Keble and William Lord Mountjoy and Alice his wife, with
remainder to John
> > Browne, son of William Browne, late mayor of London, brother to Robert
Browne of
> > Walcot in Barnack parish.[Chan. Inq. p.m. (ser.2), xxxii, 9]"
> >
> > The second sentence reads as if it is a paraphrase of the IPM of Henry
> > Has anyone seen the IPM of Henry Keble, and can confirm that this is
what it says?
> > I read it that William the mayor and Robert Browne are brothers.
> > Robert Browne was appointed Auditor for the Duchy of Lancaster for
Lincoln, Notts.
> > Warwicks. and Leics. on Sept 25 1485. In 1489 he was appointed a
> > upon the king's service with Sir James Blount and John Luthrington. He
was dead
> > by 15 Oct 1506 when his widow was ordered to deliver the records to the
> > (Somerville 441).
> >
> > Cheers
> >
> > Rosie

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