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From: "Shane Hines" <>
Subject: Davy's "Suffolk Connections"
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 15:20:30 -0000


Thanks for your e-mail. I think there may be more about the Keenes in
Muskett's Suffolk Manorial Families, so I will try to check it out when I
next visit Ipswich Record Office

Further to my earlier e-mail below, I asked at Bury Record Office this
morning and they were as mystified as me until they worked out that the
reference must be to "Suffolk COLLECTIONS". In this respect, Copinger's
Suffolk Records & MSS has the following index entry for Davy:

Davy (David Elisha) DNB xiv. 184 [presumably an entry about Davy in the
Dict. of National Biography]. Suffolk Collections in the British Museum
nearly 160 volumes amongst add. MSS. B.A.A. xl. 401. E.A.viii.373
[presumably, an article about him in the East Anglian magazine].

Hope this helps





Thank you so much for your help and for the information from the Visitation
of Suffolk 1664-8. I was hoping to find out what this Visitation said about
the family. Someone was kind enough to give me the information from the
1612 Visitation.

I am trying to determine if the Thomas Keene who died in Northumberland
County, Virginia, in 1652/3 is the son of Thomas Keene and Elizabeth Gosnold
who are mentioned in the 1615 will of Elizabeth's father Robert Gosnold of
Otley. The will lists grandchildren Thomas Keene and Henry Keene. I have a
copy of an article in a New England journal which shows that another source
(I think it's Blois) says that Mary, another daughter of Robert Gosnold d.
1615, married Henry Keene of Thrandeston. I was hoping both Keenes (Thomas
and Henry) were of Thrandeston.

I think one thing that would help to solve this puzzle is the will of either
Thomas Keene or his wife Elizabeth. I sent an e-mail a few days ago to the
Ipswich record office and they said they don't find any record of such

Thanks again for your time.

Terri Smith



I am at Bury St Edmunds Record Office tomorrow am and will see if I can see
this volume, although I can't remember seeing it at Ipswich or Bury before.

The pedigree for Keene of Ipswich in the Visitation of Suffolk 1664-8,
p.108, basically as follows, does purport to tie in with the Thrandeston

Edward Keene of Thrandeston=................
(his son) Edmund Keene of Ipswich=Jane, da. John Laney of Ipswich
(Edmund's) son Edward Keene of Ipswich gt.1664=Ellianor, da. Robert Methwold
of Langford, Norfolk
(This Edward's) son & heir Edward, aged 8, 1664 + daughter Ellianor

There is a note: "For the earlier part of this pedigree, see the Visitation
of Suffolk, 1561, p.48" and the following references are given: D.22, fo.
105.; and P' Hervey Clar: 1561. Harl. MS. 1085, p.15

The Keene arms are also shown, which I (no expert!) interpret as: Az a chief
indented Arg a in base a talbot passant Or in chief three cross-crosslets
Sa. Hope that gets the picture across.



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