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Subject: Medieval Lineage of Mary (Maynwaring) Brooke (ca. 1616-1663) of Maryland
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005 01:49:57 EDT

Mary Maynwaring, an immigrant to Calvert County, Maryland, was the second
daughter of Roger Maynwaring (1589-1653), Lord Bishop of St. David's, by his
first wife Cecily Draper. She was married at St.Giles-in-the Fields,
Middlesex, on 11 May 1635 [with licence dated 9 May 1635 by the Bishop of London] to
Robert Brooke (1602-1655), M.A., and in 1650 they removed from Battle, Sussex,
to Maryland, and they both died at their home Brooke Place Manor in Calvert

Her father bore as his arms those of the See of St. David's impaled with
Barry of twelve Argent and Gules and over these a mitre. Barry of twelve
Argent and Gules was a recent grant of arms given to Randall Maynwaring (d. 1612),
Knt., of Over Peover (in Bucklow Hundred), Cheshire, during Elizabeth's
reign. The senior line of Maynwaring of Over Peover had ended with three
co-heiresses in 1558, and their respective husbands quartered the ancient arms of
that family, that being Argent, Two bars Gules. All the other Maynwaring cadet
branches in Cheshire and Shropshire used variations of the original arms.
The entailed Over Peover lands went to a younger son of the senior line, the
father of Randall (d. 1612) mentioned above, and Randall's new grant of arms
distinguished his descendants from all other branches of the family. The arms
of Bishop Roger Maynwaring place him solidly as a son of the senior line of
Over Peover in its second incarnation, and also in support of this is a
statement from his tomb, that he was "born of a family illustrious among the
people of Chester." When the Parliamentarians forced this bishop to flee, he
sought refuge in Dublin, where another son of Randall Maynwaring (d. 1612) held a
position of authority, and that was Sir Philip Maynwaring who was knighted
at Dublin Castle in 1634 on becoming secretary to the lord-lieutenant of
Ireland. There are other circumstances supporting the placement of the bishop as
a son of Randall (d. 1612), whose original grant of arms he himself bore

Abbreviated Ahnentafel of Roger Maynwaring (1589-1653), D.D., Lord Bishop of
St. David's and resident of Christ College, Brecon, Brecknockshire~~~

1. Roger Maynwaring

2. Randall Maynwaring, Knt., of Over Peover (in Bucklow Hundred), Cheshire,
Sheriff of Cheshire.
married 1 Sept. 1568
died 27 May 1612

3. Margaret Fitton

4. Philip Maynwaring, Esq., of Over Peover
died 11 Apr. 1573
buried Church of St. Lawrence, Over Peover

5. Anne Leycester
buried Church of St. Lawrence, Over Peover

6. Edward Fitton, Knt., of Gawsworth (in Macclesfield Hundred), Cheshire;
Lord President of Connaught and Thomond, Vice-Treasurer of Ireland.
born 31 Mar. 1527
married 1539 in London
died 3 Jul. 1579 from a disease caught during an expedition into Longford
buried 21 Sep. 1579 St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

7. Anne Warburton
born 1 May 1527
died 9 Jan. 1573/4
buried 18 Jan. 1573/4 St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

8. John Maynwaring, Knt., of Over Peover, Sheriff of Flintshire.
born ca. 1470
died 1515
buried Church of St. Lawrence, Over Peover

9. Katherine Honford
died 1529
buried Church of St. Lawrence, Over Peover

10. Raufe Leycester, Knt., of Toft (in Bucklow Hundred), Cheshire
born ca. 1519
died 23 Feb. 1572/3

11. Ellen Legh

12. Edward Fitton, Knt., of Gawsworth, Sheriff of Cheshire.
died 17 Feb. 1548/9
buried Church of St. James, Gawsworth

13. Mary Harbottle
died 2 Dec. 1556
buried Church of St. James, Gawsworth

14. Piers Warburton, Knt., of Arley Hall (near Great Budworth) and Warburton
(both in Bucklow Hundred), Cheshire.
died 5 Jun. 1550

15. Elizabeth Wynnyngton, heiress of the manors of Winnington (in Edisbury
Hundred), Marthall, and Pulford, and many other lands in Cheshire.
died 28 Jul. 1558

16. John Maynwaring, Esq., of Over Peover
died 8 Jul. 1495

17. Maud Legh

18. John Honford, Esq., of Honford (in Macclesfield Hundred), Cheshire
His son and heir, William Honford, Esq., died 9 Sep. 1513 [IPM 5 Hen. VIII].

19. Margaret Warren

20. Raufe Leycester, Esq., of Toft
born ca. 1488
died 1525

21. Ellen Egerton

22. Philip Legh, Esq., of Booths (in Bucklow Hundred), Cheshire
died 2 Dec. 1526

23. Elizabeth Brereton

24. John Fitton, Esq., of Gawsworth
died 11 Mar. 1524/5

25. Ellen Brereton

26. Guiscard Harbottle, Knt., of Horton, Beamish, and Tanfield, Durham.
slain 9 Sep. 1513 at Flodden

27. Jane Willoughby

28. John Warburton, Knt., of Arley Hall and Warburton, Sheriff of Cheshire,
Seneschal of the Barony of Halton, Knight of the Body to Henry VII.
marriage contract dated 1487
died 1524

29. Jane Stanley

30. Richard Wynnyngton, Esq., of the manors of Winnington, Marthall, and
Pulford, and many other Cheshire lands.
died by 1503

31. Johanna Smith
died 14 Jul. 1508

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