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From: "Nancy Allen" <>
Subject: Ancestry of Michael le Fleming I
Date: Tue, 6 May 2008 15:53:57 -0400

A book by Sydney Horace Lee Washinton, The Early History of the Stricklands of Sizergh :Together with Some Account of the Allied Families of d'Eyncourt, Fleming, Greystoke, and Dunbar (Boston, MA: Rumford Press, 1942), pp. 63-73, at Heritage Quest and at, states that Michael le Fleming of Aldingham and his brother Rainer, lord of Beckermet, "very likely belonged to the family of le Fleming, barons of Wahull (now Odell) in Bedfordshire":

*1 Saier de Wahull
2 Walter Flandrensis/le Fleming I
3 Walter le Fleming II
4 Simon le Fleming de Wahull
5 Michael le Fleming
2 Hugh le Fleming
*2 Rainer le Fleming (holder of "half a hide in Thurleigh and two hides in Milton Ernest"; "ancestor of the Flemings, baronets, of Rydal Hall")
3 Rainer le Fleming, lord of Beckermet
*3 Michael le Fleming I of Aldingham (died 1150) + daughter of Robert de Stuteville and Erneburga, daughter of Hugh fitz Baldric
4 Michael le Fleming II de Furness (died c1186) + Christian de Staynton/Stainton
5 William le Fleming de Furness (died c1203) + Eleanor, daughter of Thomas son of Gospatric, lord of Workington (second husband was William le Butler, lord of Warrington)
6 Michael le Fleming III (b. c1197) + Ada, daughter of Henry fitz Hervey, lord of Ravensworth (second husband was Marmaduke Darell of Sesay, Yorks)
7 William le Fleming
8 Michael le Fleming (dsp 1169)
8 William le Fleming, Rector of Aldingham
8 Eleanor le Fleming + Sir Richard de Cantsfield
8 Margery le Fleming + Henry de Clifton
5 Anselm le Fleming de Furness (died 1210/1217) + Alice/Agnes of Dunbar (daughter of Edgar and Alice de Greystoke)
5 Marsilius le Fleming
5 Jordan le Fleming
5 Daniel le Fleming, Rector of Aldingham and Little Urswick
6 Daniel le Fleming (benefactor of the priory of St. Bees)
5 Godith le Fleming + 1st William de Esseby + 2nd Ulf, son of Efward, lord of Hyton in county Cumberland

The book further states that Michael le Fleming "never possessed the manor of Beckermet" and that this error in Burke "appears to have originated with Sir Daniel Fleming, the seventeenth century historian of the house." This last statement probably refers to R. E. Porter, transcriber, and W. G. Collingwood, editor, The Memoirs of Sir Daniel Fleming, in Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Arch├Žological Society, Tract Series No. XI (Kendal: Titus Wilson & Son, 1928).

Does anyone have sources that contradict this ancestry besides the statements that Michael le Fleming "was a near kinsman of William the Conqueror, and one of the commanders of the victorious army at the battle of Hastings" (Burke's Commoners) and he "was kinsman to Baldwin, Earl of Flanders, father-in-law to the Conqueror; by whom he was sent with some forces to assist William in his enterprise against England" (White's Lays and Legends of the English Lake Country) and The Memoirs of Sir Daniel Fleming ?


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