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From: Valerie Garton< >
Subject: Re: credit cards
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 23:07:20 GMT

Mi> In article <>, Valerie Garton
Mi> <> writes
>What are peoples feelings about using credit cards on the internet ?

Mi> Valerie,

Mi> This is a question I receive fairly often as I offer Maps and other
Mi> Genealogical goodies for sale.

Mi> I am no expert, so cannot say whether it is possible to intercept
Mi> e-mail or not, but with the amount of traffic flowing over the 'net, I
Mi> think it very unlikely that there is any danger, anymore than there is
Mi> when you telehone a company (telephone lines are not secure) or pass
Mi> your card over in a restaurant after a good meal.

Mi> However, there are ways and means for the fainthearted, although I
Mi> must say they are appearing to become very much fewer over the last few
Mi> months.

Mi> 1) Obviously try only to deal with businesses that are 'genuine',
Mi> not ones that are selling cheap gold bars and/or sex, etc..

I should be able to think of something funny to say here but not at the

Mi> 2) Send your information by e-mail in two parts,
Mi> i.e. the first two groups and then the remaining groups
Mi> and expiry date.

That is a brilliant idea.

Mi> You will also need to send at some stage the name and address as
Mi> registered with the card company, along with the 'brand' of card.

Mi> The main criteria is just to be careful.

Just for your interest your message came through to all and not to me. I
just happened to see it.

Regards from Valerie at sunny Vaucluse.

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