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From: "Paul Andereck Ph.D." <>
Subject: Re: Listen up; I'm back
Date: Sun, 11 May 1997 19:35:01 GMT

(Steve Pfeiffer) wrote:

STEVE DIDN'T write this. I did. (Paul Andereck) His e-mail address
was put on it by mistake. Should be (Paul
Andereck) Sorry!

>In the mid-1980's many knew me for my work in genealogical computing.
>I've not been visible for a dozen years because I was busy retiring
>and working on MY version of the hardware/software system it takes to
>do family history compilation and publishing. My way is somewhat
>radical (or not). If any of you want to know what an old timer (a
>relative term) has decided on (after sifting a lot of chaff to find
>wheat), talk to me. I'll check out this newsgroup daily.

>Paul Andereck -- inventor of Tiny Tafel, author of Computer Genealogy
>(first edition), founder and former publisher/editor of Genealogical
>Computing, operator of the first BBS about genealogy (Family
>Historians Forum 1979-1982 -- run on a TRS-80 Model I), and hobby
>genealogist (with wife Sara) since 1953. I used to give talks at NGS
>conventions and other places when computer-use for genealogy was still
>pretty new.

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