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Subject: Re: [DNA] mtDNA - Haplogroup I vs. Ina
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 22:00:07 EDT

I checked the Mitochondrial DNA Concordance for your mutations (16129[A] 16145[A]
16223[T] 16391[A] and didn't find any exact matches. The closest were 16129
16145 16223, which matched a sample found in Bavaria, and 16145 16223 16391,
which matched a sample found in Turkey. That would be compatible with your
FTDNA report of a European connection.

I'm still puzzled by Syke's use of the "Ina" name in his book -- it seems
like a break from his pattern of naming haplogroups after the letter of the
alphabet. The words on p 282 in his book about "Ina" in Central and South
America seem similar to haplogroup "B" on this map, but he doesn't have any
"B" names on his diagram on p 275.

So it's a puzzle, but I'd lean toward the European motif. It might be worth
writing to Sykes now that you have a vested interest in the letter "I" !

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