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From: Max Blankfeld <>
Subject: [DNA] Family Tree DNA numbers
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 11:48:31 -0500

I would like to address the news group because I feel that a clarification
is needed towards the Family Tree DNA numbers:

1) The number of Surname Projects we have as of 10/2/2002 is 214 (it was
212 yesterday). Each Surname project has several variations associated with
it, and that's where the total number of Surnames associated with the
Project surpasses the 1,000 mark.

2) In addition to that, the number of distinct Surnames in our database,
independent of Surname
Projects is 1774.

The reason why someone counted only 114 Surname Projects is very simple.
Last week Family Tree DNA launched a new tool to help the Group
Administrators and their projects to add new participants: each group was
given a Profile page where they can list:
- the Surname Project Name,
- the URL for their project,
- a short description of their study
- the number of members they currently have,
- the list of surnames included in their study and
- a contact form for people who want to join the study

Each Group Administrator was directed to a template where they can fill in
this information and when submitted it automatically goes live. So far 129
(it was 114 yesterday) out of the 214 published that information. Now,
understanding that some Group Administrators want to keep their group's
information private - and Family Tree DNA honors and respects the right to
privacy - we may not have all the groups posting their profiles.

I hope that this clarifies the numbers issue.

Thank you.
Max Blankfeld
Director of Marketing
Family Tree DNA

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