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Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 11:06:37 -0500
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Thanks David and I hope someone else does offer an opinion. The participants
mother is actually Maori...but that does not preclude a grandmother
somewhere along the way who was European. Sue

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Hello Sue: I checked two large databases to try to provide an answer to
your question. below. My findings follow your query:

"One of our surname participants also was interested in testing his mtDNA.
I've got a whole page of numbers - but no clue as to what they say. Can
anyone tell me where to start? It says his HVR1 mutations are...

HVR1 Mutations

There are no matches in FTDNA - which is not particularly surprising since
his mom is Polynesian. But where can I look to find out what the whole
picture of his numbers might be? Thanks, Sue"

>>>> There are no matches in the extensive Macaulay database. Since I have
used Oxford Ancestors to test my mtDNA, I can tap into their database with
any set of numbers looking for matches. First, the 069, 126 is classic "J"
haplogroup (called Jasmine by Dr. Brian Sykes in "The Seven Daughters of
Eve") which originated in the Middle East and is found throughout Europe.
If I added in 213 I found only 4 matches in this database, one each from
person's living in Australia (whose earliest known ancestor was from
Scotland), Finland, France, and Uzbekistan. Adding the fourth number, 259,
resulted in no matches. My conclusion is that your participant's maternal
ancestor was likely European. Not being as well versed in mt DNA as other
subjects, you should get a second opinion. Hope this helps, David.

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