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Subject: Re: [DNA] Asiatic Peoples, Hidden Ancestry and Appalachia
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 00:22:14 EDT

Regarding Sephardic/Moorish contributions to Appalachian culture there is
evidence of architectural motifs, food practices (especially local delicacies
such as tomato gravies and chocolate gravies), liberal use of onions
(especially the wild ones, called ramps), pork avoidance among some families,
Hebrew graveyard markings/symbols, Hebrew and Arabic naming practices (e.g.,
Naomi, Talitha, Omar, Mecca, Mosco, Adoniram, Elkanah, Ananais),
superstitions (evil eye, herbal remedies, lunar timetables), burial customs
(one year mourning period), Sukkoth shelter building, rice and bread
puddings, avoidance of blood on meat, vegetable fritters, fruit fritters, and
even sexual segregation in some churches.
And on the music scene -- we have the 'mountain dulcimer', believed to
have originated in Persia, and melismatic singing, which involves
purposefully off-key notes and wafted/carried notes. Not only that, some
churches had a male cantor-figure who sang the verse of a song, which was
then sung responsively by the congregation. Finally, foot and hand washing
rituals and full-body adult baptisms.
Shalom, Salam and a Happy Passover to all, Beth

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