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Subject: Re: [DNA] Asiatic Peoples, Hidden Ancestry and Appalachia
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Beth; I agree with you about the dulcimer. But surely you realize hand and
foot washing and full body adult immersion baptisms is well described in the
New Testament as a practice among the new Christians.

Janet Crain

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> Regarding Sephardic/Moorish contributions to Appalachian culture there
> evidence of architectural motifs, food practices (especially local
> such as tomato gravies and chocolate gravies), liberal use of onions
> (especially the wild ones, called ramps), pork avoidance among some
> Hebrew graveyard markings/symbols, Hebrew and Arabic naming practices
> Naomi, Talitha, Omar, Mecca, Mosco, Adoniram, Elkanah, Ananais),
> superstitions (evil eye, herbal remedies, lunar timetables), burial
> (one year mourning period), Sukkoth shelter building, rice and bread
> puddings, avoidance of blood on meat, vegetable fritters, fruit fritters,
> even sexual segregation in some churches.
> And on the music scene -- we have the 'mountain dulcimer', believed to
> have originated in Persia, and melismatic singing, which involves
> purposefully off-key notes and wafted/carried notes. Not only that, some
> churches had a male cantor-figure who sang the verse of a song, which was
> then sung responsively by the congregation. Finally, foot and hand washing
> rituals and full-body adult baptisms.
> Shalom, Salam and a Happy Passover to all, Beth

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