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From: Charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] East Asian "Genes" in Europeans: Implications for Genealogists
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 15:06:17 -0400
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I have learned via the new forum at FamilyTreeDNA's website that
FamilyTreeDNA is taking a look at the data they have in-house for people
tested with all three tests.

However, if some statistician and scientist type person wants to start
tabulating the data, it sounds good to me. I am neither a statistician
or scientist (I'm an engineer) and also I am not in a position to do
this at the moment. But if someone else wants to volunteer, I will join

I don't think we need great detail. Just the Y haplogroup (mine is R1b),
mtDNA group (mine is H), DNAPrint test results (mine is reported as 79%
European and 21% East Asian) and some traditional genealogical evidence
pointing to European stock for at least 5 or so generations, and maybe
even a photo LOL. Here is my picture. :-)


David Faux wrote:
> Charles <> wrote:
> Since all my 30 years of genealogy
> into all the PA German surnames which are in all my family tree branches
> are of European ancestry, my Y chromosome haplogroup is R1b (European),
> and my mtDNA group is H (European), I was puzzled and questioning of
> this surprising significant 21% "East Asian" content in my DNAPrint
> results. And so the thread started.
> I do like the DNAPrint product
> concept, and I have already enlisted two more in my Kerchner project to
> take the test to see how they turn out. Both are of "European" stock.
> Similar to how the "protocol and nomenclature" and "standardization"
> problems in the early stages of the Y chromosome test have been resolved
> via customer feedback, these issues will be resolved over time too. Just
> my humble opinions.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Charles: Perhaps we should start our rather informal, and admittedly unscientific study as a pilot test of our hypothesis. We have you as a starting point, the other two in your project, and myself (although only 1% East Asian). A beginning. Would it be worthwhile to call on everyone on this List and elsewhere who can provide a reasonable paper trail proving their ancestry, and who have taken the DNAPrint test plus the Y and or mtDNA testing to communicate with one of us or the list so that we can tabulate the results? Even if we only had 20 people in this proposed pilot project, I think it would be informative.
> Thoughts anyone? David.
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