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Subject: RE: [DNA] Biogeo Test Results
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 09:57:48 -0500
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Also keep in mind that of course if your grandmother was 50% Cherokee or
Apache, but the rest of your grandparents were European, your expected
percentage of Native American would be 12.5%.

Tony Frudakis, Ph.D.
DNAPrint genomics, Inc.

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Subject: Re: [DNA] Biogeo Test Results

David thanks for the reply .. I know that there is no
direct correlation from biogeo to DIB (degree of
Indian Blood)... I was just trying to figure if 14%
would be considered statistically significant or not
(doesn't seem like a large amount :) ... and I
understand it could come from any side but was asking
assuming that if it came from just one line (my
pat-gma) - would that make a difference in her
probable DIB (since supposedly our percentage would
drop with each generation). And yes I'll pursue
eliminating possible suspects :) as soon as funds
permit. sigh. They were lucky my tax refund was
burning a hole in my pocket when they reduced the
price <grin>.

As to which tribe - Cherokee (by oral history) (have
also heard Otoe mentioned by a cousin). So in my
adventures in genealogy I've traced back to early
1800's and they are in all MO (born KY, VA, TN). Never
made it to OK. Never were on a tribal roll that I can
find so - so much for that. lol. Of course it's
possible I've made an error in logic in following the
trail and I've further to investigate but it's looking
pretty bleak. darn it :)

But I'm pretty happy that at least I've gotten some
validation via this test even if the tribes don't
recognize it. <grin>. It'll be pretty cool if they
come up with some way to identify at least some of the
tribes out of the mix.

Once again thanks for the reply.

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