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Well Jerry, I watched the program from beginning to end and it seemed very clear to me that the only thing that the test said to investigators was that the perpetrator's DNA was that of person 85% African and 15% Native American - and therefore the police sould be looking for an individual with a Black phenotype, not White. This put a whole new spin on the investigation and likely resulted in the saving of lives since until then the police, based on the report of an FBI Behavioral Profiler, were going on wild goose chases, up blind alleys, and ignoring important information from witnesses who insisted that they saw an African male watching the house of the first known victim.


"Jerry L. Ivey" <> wrote:
Yes, but the "DNA test of the Black suspect" was not DNAPrint. This is
the kind of mis-impression that can be left with the general public that
a test intended for genealogical work or for the narrow forensics goals
of DNAPrint can be used to uniquely identify a person.

That's the kind of impression that can make it more difficult for us to
get volunteers for DNA testing for genealogical studies.

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> I thought the report was misleading to viewers. I will acknowledge
> that the DNAPrint test was valuable in showing a majority African
> ancestry of the suspect. However, there was an unstated implication
> that it was also the DNAPrint test used for the actual DNA matching of

> the person arrested and the crime scene samples.

I didn't get that impression at all. It was Tony's test that gave them
Authority to get a DNA test of the Black suspect, with a court order.
was, then, matched to the crime scenes. While they were awaiting the
the suspect fled to Atlanta.

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