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From: "Rex Johnson" <>
Subject: [DNA] Finding a match
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2003 20:10:30 +0100
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Dear Ann Turner and other learned List members,
I have thoroughly enjoyed a few weeks on this List trying to understand
what on earth you are all talking about, and picking up the beginnings
of a new language. I have read a few books to help me consolidate the
ideas you are throwing about (Olson, Sykes, Cavalli-Sforza, and
yesterday bought Oppenheimer's "Out of Eden"- looks good).
You have to start somewhere to get into this stuff, so thanks to several
people, and particularly those who have illustrated a point by giving a
link to a published paper or a web site. These have been a great help
I have my own MtDNA data (Katrine), and a small number of Y-sequence
markers (Oxford Ancestors), which I now realise are too few to be really
useful. An extended marker list is due in a couple of weeks.
I seem to remember Ann writing that it was possible to compare your
results with a number of online data bases. Can you, Ann, or anyone
else, suggest places to visit where Y-sequence comparisons can be made
by "a member of the public".
I am not looking for personal data other than whatever numbers are
associated with markers for my surname -JOHNSON.
I have thousands of Johnson births/marriages/deaths in data bases, but
have failed to get far with traditional sources like IGI and parish
records in England because there were just so many Johnsons around that
it is impossible to separate the wood from the trees. I want to see just
how varied Johnson (Johnstone etc.) sequences are, and look for common
If there are any Johnsons out there willing to share a sequence I would
be very pleased to be emailed direct (off List).
My thanks for assistance received so far.
Best of wishes, Rex
An "original" Johnson from Lincolnshire, England.

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