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From: "Malcolm Dodd" <>
Subject: [DNA] DNAPrint NA reported as EA
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2003 19:14:15 -0000

I happen to believe that you and I are not actually far apart in our view of
You say
6. You (and others) are jumping to the conclusion that your "EA"
percentages are "REALLY" "Native American," without the slightest
evidence that this is so.

I will let the DNAPrint website answer whether I am jumping to conclusions
without the slightest evidence.
The FAQ is my evidence

Frequently Asked Questions on Ancestry
I think I have American Indian heritage, but my test results show more East
Asian than Native American admixture. Am I wrong or is the test wrong?

Neither – your results are probably reflective of one way this test will
help reshape notions of our common history. The result is certainly not an
indication that the test is inaccurate. Using our test, most individuals
suspecting minority (<50%) American Indian heritage confirm with Native
American admixture. Likewise, the test results for each of several hundred
individuals of known minority (<50%) African, East Asian or Hispanic
ancestry have confirmed with the appropriate admixture. However, about 10%
of the individuals who believe they have American Indian register as having
East Asian as well as Native American ancestry. Even more surprising, some
register with East Asian ancestry but no Native American ancestry at all!
This result has stirred something of a controversy.


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