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From: "Ian & Mary Logan" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Marker Mutation Rates
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 12:58:40 -0000
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>"Malcolm Dodd" <> wrote
> The recent discussion under the heading of "Accuracy" mentioned the
> rate of multiple as opposed to single copy markers.
> Could it be that multiple correct themselves during transmission more
> than single copy markers? or vice versa?

Hello Malcolm

It is my understanding that the multiple markers, as exampled by DYS#464,
have fairly high mutation rates.

For example:
The change from 15,15,17,17 in one person to 15,16,17,17 in a possible
relation is a perfectly good +1 change, and in such an instance to describe
it as 64 changing to 65 would have been just as helpful.

I don't see there is normally any need to consider any 'correction'.
Of course, if a family tree suggests otherwise then the rare occurence
of 'a change from a mutation and a correction from the contrary mutation'
should be considered.


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