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Subject: Re: [DNA] Finding a match
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 08:50:27 EST

In a message dated 11/01/03 11:11:13 AM Pacific Standard Time,

> I seem to remember Ann writing that it was possible to compare your
> results with a number of online data bases. Can you, Ann, or anyone
> else, suggest places to visit where Y-sequence comparisons can be made
> by "a member of the public".
> I am not looking for personal data other than whatever numbers are
> associated with markers for my surname -JOHNSON.

I believe the only open-access database with surname information is The database at can give you some idea of the
distribution of your haplotype, whether it is common or rare and where it has
been found to date. (But remember, if your haplotype shows up somewhere in the
database, it doesn't mean that YOUR ancestors ever lived there. It's just the
current residence of a person with your haplotype.)

BTW, the Y-STR database continues to add records with previously unreported
haplotypes. It had been running at about 42% of submissions, but the most
recent batch of 300-some new records "only" had 39% novel haplotypes. I don't know
whether that's the start of a trend or something different about this
particular batch, but either way, we have a long way to go before we have samples of
every haplotype in existence today.

Ann Turner - GENEALOGY-DNA List Administrator
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