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Subject: RE: [DNA] R1b, Surnames, and Ancient Origins
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I hate to be ignorant - but can someone please tell me what the Domesday
book was recording, and when? Was it like a census?

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Subject: Re: [DNA] R1b, Surnames, and Ancient Origins

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Dear David

Your Hg.I*M170 interests me; could you post your DNA signature in

You and David Faux made good inputs on deep ancestry; and fortunately
you both have the link between the cultures of Anglo-Saxon and Norman
within the Domesday books. David Faux in, volume 34, Suffolk, and
yourself in, vol. 6, Wiltshire.

These are publications of Phillimore & Co. London. I obtained my recent
copies from priced at 10 pounds sterling. There was a waiting
time of about 6 weeks.

Deep ancestry DNA seems to fit in well with the closed society of the
feudal system in Europe.

Domesday is very exact; find your ancestors village and you can identify
the lord of the manor, and details prior to the Normans; and perhaps
using YSTR Database where contemporary one-step neighbour DNA matches
are located.

You stem from the old Anglo-Saxon division of Wessex. As David F.
suggested this may be less complex than his R1b descent.

Best wishes, Alan.

Alan J.Derriscott,
Wallasey, Wirral, England,

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