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Subject: [DNA] How some Y chromosomes paired up with certain mtDNAs in ancient times
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2003 08:58:22 -0800

Interestingly, R1a1 is frequently placed with Paleolithic origin in the
Ukraine (before it ever arrived in W. Coast Norway). Yet before it arrived
in the Ukraine, the origin site was Central Asia and before that, India.
Imagine that change in climate--India-Central Asia-Ukraine-Norway. With the
M17 marker it becomes R1a* and that marker has an origin in the Russian
Altai mountains and in Central Asia. When you look at the mate R1a* with the
M17 marker, it's U4, found at 16% among the Mansi of the Urals.
Interestingly, each Y chromosome group has a "mate" a mtDNA marker that
seems to follow it from area to area...For example H is a mate of R1b1 as U4
is with R1a* and J1a1's mate is U3 in the Arabian Gulf just as H is a mate
of the Atlantic modal haplotype among the Basques. What he's getting at is
that certain female mtDNA types seem to pair up with certain Y chromosome
types as the cline of migrations are studied genetically. Some O types of
India and Central Asia seem to pair up with M and N types of NW India and
move on to Eastern Europe. Berbers with CRS H mtDNA seem to pair up J1a
types in N. Africa/Levant. And U is found in Iran at 22% along with 10
percent of R1a1.

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