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From: (Raymond Whritenour)
Subject: [DNA] DNAPrint NA reported as EA
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 12:16:45 -0500 (EST)

Malcolm (and others):

Sometimes it's difficult to convey sarcasm by the written word. When I
said that "we know" that the DNAPrint test has reported ONLY "East
Asian" percentages for KNOWN Mohawk and Shawnee descendants, I wasn't,
thereby, claiming that it will do this, invariably; and that we could,
therefore, extrapolate from this that Shawnees and Mohawks represent a
later migration to North America--or any other USEFUL information. We
have no way of knowing whether this "EA" reading came from their "Native
American" ancestry, or from their "Indo-European" ancestry, or from
their "Sub-Saharan African" ancestry, or from errors inherent in the
test, itself. So far, no "full-blood" Shawnees or Mohawks have been

Ray Whritenour

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