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Subject: RE: [DNA] DNAPrint NA reported as EA
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 17:21:11 -0000
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As Charles rightly says in his Genisis article -

<the invasions of Europe by various hordes of Huns and Mongol tribes at
various times 1600-700 years ago. >
<maybe this significant East Asian content in me, and maybe other PA
Germans, is remaining genetic content from 100's and 100's of years ago from
these large scale Asian invasions.>

<maybe this significant East Asian content was preserved to modern times by
the self-imposed cultural isolation and geographic isolation of the
indigenous people of the upper Rhine, Main, and Danube rivers basins. These
people in Europe had a propensity to marry within there own kind, within
their own religion and culture and they continued it when they came to PA.>

We have flogged this subject to death. I merely wish to put on record my
respect for Charles research and my regret if I have said anything that
casts any doubts on that.

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Subject: Re: [DNA] DNAPrint NA reported as EA


In your search for your own personal paternity and that issue please be
a bit more careful as to what aspersions you cast about with your
implications in some of your comments about others.

My paper, historical, genealogical trail is solid after over 25 years of
traditional genealogical research prior to doing any DNA testing. I
began DNA testing to help other potential 5th cousins tie into my line,
not to find out who my own father was. I came into this as a long-time,
experienced genealogist, not a geneticist.

My family has lived in this same small area for over 8 generations, all
born and died within 40 miles of each other. AND as to my paper trail
for my male line, it has been validated by Y chromosome analysis
comparing my Y chromosome with that of my 2nd cousin and several 5th
cousins. Read all about my validation process in this page. So I have no doubt as to my
paternity and the accuracy as direct male Y chromosome line. I have also
had mtDNA testing done to learn what information can be learned from
that. All the DNA testing I have done confirms my traditional paper
research, European ancestry ... except for the DNAPrint test which
resulted in the surprising 21% Asian content. But I am as sure as I am
of anything that I do not have a recent genealogical Asian ancestor,
despite your latest implications to the opposite. None of my
grandparents or great-grandparents were Asian. They were PA Deutsch. My Asian content is from ancient
sources, not recent sources, and is probably there in a significant
percentage of PA Deutsch lines, but not all. And my project is pursuing

Malcolm, please see my PA Deutsch Ethnic Group DNA project page again
and re-read the "Genesis" section:

If you wish to discuss this further, please reply to me privately as
this has all been discussed in great detail in this forum before, as
explained in great detail in the genesis section of my PA Deutsch Ethnic
Group DNA Project, link above.


Malcolm Dodd wrote:

> Hi Ray
> Good to hear from you. I am very pleased to discuss the lousy marketing of
> DNPrint and what their results truly mean.
> If my ancestry is Shawnee or Mohawk you say that "we know" that this can
> read East Asian. (By the way are the Shawnee or Mohawk results EA AND NA
> just EA?).
> The highest EA results are for Ana who is of known Taino/Tano amerindian
> ancestry. Charles Kerchner insists that his paper trail is 100% accurate
> that his assumption is that his high EA percentage is very ancient Asian.
> However I can only say that I have my parents 1942 marriage certificate
> my 1945 birth certificate and baptismal certificate but that does not make
> the father named my biological father. Charles is entitled to take a
> different view but my considered opinion is that the East Asian of above
> cannot come from the Huns or ancient asian ancestry in Europeans and their
> "recent" USA descendants, i.e. last 200 years.

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