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From: David Faux <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] DNAPrint NA reported as EA
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 23:00:29 -0800 (PST)
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Ray: When you speak of Mohawk, I presume you are speaking of moi. Unfortunately the picture is just not that "black and white" since, of my family who have been tested with the DNAPrint test Version 2.0, in addition to Indo - European, some are NA, some are a mix of NA and EA, and others are strictly EA - I wish there was some consistency, but there is none.

As to testing "full - blood" Mohawks - there is no such entity. Intermarriage or miscegenation began in the 1600s at least, and was very common among the Mohawks. A Mohawk ancestor who was born in 1747 to two Mohawk parents had a great uncle known as "White Hans" (i.e., White John). She had a cousin who was known as John "blue eyed" Green. To have blue eyes, this means that the fellow had a white ancestor on his mother's side and a white ancestor on his father's side (who knows how many) each presumably with a recessive blue eye gene.

David F.

Raymond Whritenour <> wrote:
Malcolm (and others):

Sometimes it's difficult to convey sarcasm by the written word. When I
said that "we know" that the DNAPrint test has reported ONLY "East
Asian" percentages for KNOWN Mohawk and Shawnee descendants, I wasn't,
thereby, claiming that it will do this, invariably; and that we could,
therefore, extrapolate from this that Shawnees and Mohawks represent a
later migration to North America--or any other USEFUL information. We
have no way of knowing whether this "EA" reading came from their "Native
American" ancestry, or from their "Indo-European" ancestry, or from
their "Sub-Saharan African" ancestry, or from errors inherent in the
test, itself. So far, no "full-blood" Shawnees or Mohawks have been

Ray Whritenour

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