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Subject: RE: [DNA] DNAPrint - Full blood indigenous population
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 08:24:06 -0000
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<As to testing "full - blood" Mohawks - there is no such entity.>

A test company seems to think there are "full-blooded" indigenous
populations, I wonder if they have found any Mohawks?

See -
Native American DNA Verification Testing
Genetic Studies conducted on full-blooded indigenous populations from North,
Central, and South America (the New World) has identified a limited number
of shared genetic markers. These markers have very specific modes of
inheritance and are relatively unique to populations with Native American
Ancestry. There are 2 types of inheritance pattern categories that these
markers follow, either a directly paternal linkage (i.e.,
male-to-male-to-male, etc.) or a directly maternal linkage (i.e.,
female-to-all her children.


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