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Subject: Re: [DNA] R1b, Surnames, and Ancient Origins
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 04:45:07 EST

At a time when few had surnames, you cannot rule out the possibility that
people took their master's surname if they had worked for him all their life. All
my people with the surname are known to have died out by 1330, but there are
9,000 of us in England, none of whom can connect to the Normans directly.
John Clare

> Hi Mike: Looks like you got it made in the shade - relatively speaking.
> Your name is very Norman - of that there is no doubt. The evidence is
> reasonably solid all around. In my opinion your DNA evidence puts the icing on the
> cake. Of course we would all like the ultimate "proof" (whatever that might
> be).
> I have the frustrating situation where there is a man in the Domesday Book,
> Lord of the Manor, with my surname (as it was spelled at the time) and
> residing only a couple of miles away from the Faux family home in the 1300s - when
> the paper trail begins. That is a very frustrating 200 years and seemingly
> cannot be bridged (c'est la guerre).

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