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From: "Alan Derriscott" <>
Subject: [DNA] David Willis_DNA signature
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 10:46:26 -0000


Dear David Willis

Thank you for posting your FTDNA markers.

The final sequence should have, DYS389-2, score=7, repeats=18, (total number = 32)for YSTR notation.

Your DNA signature (repeats) is as important as your name on your birth certificate.

There are two circumstances that can cause problems with a family tree, adoption and adultery.
Your DNA signature is the true YOU.

Nine of your markers are used in the YSTR Database:-


These numbers are in YSTR notation; the WARNINGS should be read and understood, you have no need to change these numbers. (DYS388 is part of the Hg.I*M170 sequence)

The SEARCH with your sequence did not produce a match; therefore, just now, we can't find a possible location for your ancient tribe. Neighbour one-step matches, using the (*)wildcard, will certainly help.

To determine M170, a UEP test should be run. I think FTDNA might well have suggested your UEP from your markers.

It is a good idea to understand the YCC nomenclature system:-

Best wishes,Alan.

Alan J.Derriscott,
Wallasey, Wirral, England,

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