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From: "sj phdoc" <>
Subject: [DNA] Utilizing other labs data bases2
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2003 05:07:01 -0800

I had my father's yDNA and mtDna done at Family Tree DNA labs. How would I
find out if there were matches at Oxford Ancestors and the rest of the labs?

His FTDNA profile said there were no y matches. His Recent Ethnic Origin
(REO) had a match each in England and Scotland but it was a 2 step mutation
and it doesn't give me anyone to contact. I paid for a Rice in KY (whom I
only know his sister by email) to have a DNA test to see if he was a
relative on the yDNA. No results yet because he has failed to return the

Dad's yDNA: Haplotype I had 3-4 step mutations.

1 393 14
2 390 23
3 19* 14
4 391 10
5 385a 12
6 385b 13
7 426 11
8 388 14
9 439 11
10 389-1 12
11 392 11
12 389-2 30
*Also known as DYS 394
**On 5/19/2003, these values were adjusted down by 1 point because of a
change in Lab nomenclature.

mtDna: No High resolutions, 26 Low Resolution (HVR1) Matches of whom I
have writen all and only heard back from a few who have nothing in common to
trace at this point. (I also don't understand why someone would go to the
cost and trouble of doing this and then not respond?)

Low Resolution Matches (HVR1). His Haplogroup is apparently J (HVR1
Haplogroup J*, Mutations 16069Tand 16126C) with the following results but no
one to write to: England 5, France Ashkenazi 1, Germany 3, Great
Britain 1, Ireland 1, Poland 1, United States 1.

Now I have an 82 year old father who I begged to do this for 6 months who is
less than happy. I told him it was a numbers game and as more samples come
in we will know more but in the meantime I thought I would increase my odds
of learning more if I contacted other labs without it costing a lot more

Any ideas? Any help interpreting some of this?

Chemically frustrated,

Susan (nee Rice) Jella'

Here is my dad's mothers line;
1 Elizabeth (married name Thornton) b: Bet. 1790 - 1800 d: Bet. 1830 - 1840
+(m) Thorntonb: Bet. 1790 - 1800m: Abt. 1825 d: Bef. 1828
2 Mary Thornton b: 1826 ARd: November 09, 1870 Wayne Co., IL
+Adam Allison b: 1812 Versailles, Woodford, KY m: February 22, 1844 Phillips
Co., AR d: 1863 Wayne Co., IL
3 Sarah E. Allison b: June 24, 1848 Languille, Phillips, AR d: March 07,
Olney, Richland Co., IL (natural mother but had four husbands ((Ewing,
Attridge, Johnson, Babcock))and gave Annie Myrtle to raise to:
+Oliver Totten b: October 30, 1854 Columbiana Co., OHm: Abt. 1882 d: June
11, 1935 Mt. Erie, Wayne Co., IL
4 Annie Myrtle Tottenb: December 04, 1882 IL d: May 08, 1954 Santa
Rosa,Sonoma, CA
+William Thomas Rice, Sr. b: September 29, 1877 Salem, Marion, ILm: June
09, 1904 Flora, Clay, IL d: December 04, 1946 Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA
5 Clayton Kimball Riceb: 1921 Ukiah, Mendocino Co., CA

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